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Helping one another to feel safe on our campuses

As the easing of restrictions continues from today (17 May), we appreciate staff and students may want some reassurance that they will feel safe on both the Loughborough and London campuses.

Social distancing – which includes the use of face coverings in our indoor settings – continues to be in place on both of our sites. There are no plans to change this yet. It is really important that staff and students continue to comply with these arrangements, regardless of whether you have had a recent test or have been vaccinated. 

For the majority of areas across our campuses, individuals should be able to maintain a 2-metre distance from one another when using our facilities and learning and teaching spaces. For areas where this might not be possible, screens should be in place or a higher standard of respiratory protection made available (this can be requested through your line manager).

The University’s Health and Safety team will continue to follow the most up-to-date guidance, monitoring developments and the maximum capacity for rooms, whilst also considering ventilation rates and the ability to remain socially distant.

Staff and students are required to still be tested on a weekly basis (even if you have received both doses of the vaccination) when working and studying on campus.

In the last few weeks, over 94% of our students have been tested. Any student who has not been tested in the last ten days are contacted by the University and will not have access to campus until they are tested. The institution is conducting approximately 1,500 tests per day, which we believe is the most tests delivered by any other university in England by a considerable margin.

Many of our students have requested to be tested twice a week, which reflects on the dedication our community has to keep everyone safe, particularly as sport and social activities resume in-person.

We are currently experiencing a very low prevalence of positive cases, with just one case in the last week with nearly 10,000 tests conducted.  Where a positive student case has been identified, isolation has taken place immediately.

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