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Library introduces auto-renewal system

From 6 September 2021, the University Library will be introducing an auto-renewal system for all users.

How will it work?

All items will be issued for a month at a time. At the end of each month, it will renew automatically unless another person has requested the same item. There will be a maximum 12 auto-renewals, so if no one has requested your item, you can keep it for up to a year. At this point, if you still need the item, all you need to do is return it on one of the Library’s self-service machines and re-borrow it straight away. This will reset your auto-renewals allocation for that item back to zero.

Should your item be requested by another person whilst you have it on loan, you will receive a recall notice and will have a new due date to return it by. As long as you return your item by the new due date, you will not receive a fine. If the item is returned late, you will receive a fine of 50p per day until the book is returned, which is consistent with current policy. Our intention is that items are circulated fairly to those who need them.

What are the advantages of the new system?

  • You won’t need to renew your item within a 12-month period. Renewals will be handled automatically.
  • Fines will only be charged if you return a requested item back late, simplifying the current approach.
  • Fewer emails clogging up your inbox from the Library – email reminders will only be sent to you for items that have been requested by others and need to be returned.

I want a book that is out on loan, won’t autorenewals mean I don’t get the book?

Items that are on loan to others can be requested. Auto-renewals won’t apply to any item that has been requested, so you can still get access to resources you need in reasonable time. To request an item that is currently on loan to another person simply log onto the Library catalogue and click on 'Place a Title Level Request' for the item you want. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please ask Library staff for assistance.

What do I need to do?

To ensure you are ready for the roll-out of auto-renewals, please follow these basic steps:

  1. Check your shelves at work and at home to identify any Library items you might have in your possession or log on to the Library catalogue and see what’s on your account.
  2. Return any item you are not using over the Summer vacation - You can drop them off in person via the drop boxes outside the Library or, if you aren’t on campus, you could use our Free Post return service.

Any questions?

If you have any queries regarding auto-renewals, what is on your Library record or how to request items, you can email or speak to someone from our User Services Team on 01509 222360.