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Let’s Talk Loughborough releases new episode with Students’ Union President

The second episode of the University’s brand-new podcast, Let’s Talk Loughborough is out now.

LSU president, Freya Mason, joins student host Jemima Biodun-Bello and co-host, Internal Communications Assistant, Soph Dinnie, to discuss her goals and ambitions for the Students’ Union.

Improving safety, inclusivity and mental health are all high on Freya’s agenda. She said: “I know the problem is bigger than Loughborough but if I can make a small dent in that and make students feel safer then I will be thrilled.”

Jemima, Freya and Soph also talk about how students can make the most of their time at Loughborough, including where to find beautiful walks and watch the best sunsets on campus, as well as discussing why Bom Boms is a must-visit for all.

Freya added: “Enjoy everything Loughborough has to offer. Throw yourself in headfirst and see where you land."

Let’s Talk: Goals, Ambitions and Bom Boms with LSU President Freya can be listened to on all Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It is also available to watch on the Loughborough University YouTube channel.