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Better World Books, Loughborough University Library and you.

Better World Books is a for-profit socially minded business that collects books from
organisations such as libraries, universities, recyclers and charity shops. These books are then processed and sold online with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives around the world. They sell their books across multiple online marketplaces and their website. Anything they can't sell is donated to literacy initiatives, or recycled. Nothing goes to landfill.

BWB have paired with Pilkington Library at Loughborough University and benefit from books that the library no longer need and it provides a socially responsible service for the library too. However individuals and departments can also donate books to the scheme through the library reception.

Which books should we send to Better World Books?

Better World Books is committed to making their programme as simple as possible, the items they love are:

Everyone can also buy books from Betterworldbooks.co.uk

Better World Books have been operational since 2002 and in the UK since 2008, in that time they have:

Every time a book is purchased from BetterWorldBooks.co.uk they donate a book to someone in need. The books they donate go to various projects all around the world. If you also know of a project where book donations would help please contact: donations@betterworldbooks.co.uk

Better World Books are also very proud of the impact of their Literacy Grants. This is an additional way in which they further strive to contribute to the development of literacy and foster a love of reading, which is at the heart of their business, throughout the UK and around the world.

Any library and non-profit organisations based in the UK and Europe can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 which can be used to support literacy projects around the world. Grants are awarded to projects that will provide a sustainable literacy impact. For more information visit www.cares.betterworldbooks.co.uk


Are you genuinely interested in books from all genres?

Yes – we collect books from all genres. We have a unique inventory across all categories of books.

What happens to the books once they are collected?
They are consolidated and transported to our warehouse in Scotland. Each book is manually scanned and given a unique reference so that we can track each book. The accepted books are placed online to be sold.

Where do the books sell?
We sell the books online on multiple marketplaces including betterworldbooks.co.uk. The books are shipped across the UK as well as across virtually every country in the world.

What differentiates Better World Books?
We work globally to provide used books with another home and are very proud of the positive social and environmental impact of our work. We provide a source of unrestricted funding to both libraries and our charity partners, working with thousands of clients and libraries across the world.

READ International

READ International is Loughborough University’s chosen non-profit literacy partner. READ International was started in 2004 by young inspired student after a visit to Tanzania exposed him to the lack of resources in the country and led him to make a change. Their mission has always stayed the same: to aim to address the distinct lack of access to educational resources in Tanzanian secondary schools.
They provide secondary schools with libraries by refurbishing old unused classrooms into inviting libraries and providing schools with the books they need for their students. Their libraries increase access to education for thousands of Tanzanian students, empower them to fulfil their potential, and improve their employment prospects in the future.
In the spirit of our humble beginnings, all of their work is carried about by Tanzanian university students looking to change their world. READ International has donated over 1.4 million books to Tanzania and has created 82 libraries in Secondary Schools.


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