Learning and development

There are many ways to be more sustainable, we all understand that simply switching off and recycling is helpful, but what else can you do to increase your knowledge around climate change, our changing planet, and the impact we each have now and moving into the future.  

Below is a list of resources that are available both here at Loughborough University and from other sources that will help you develop your sustainability knowledge.

Getting to Grips with the Basics

7 Step to being a more sustainable student

A few quick hints and tips looking at how you can be more sustainable here on campus

Sustainability Essentials Training

A 20 minute online training package exploring sustainability at LU, ways you can help to do your bit to help us achieve our Net Zero Goal.

Carbon Action Planner

From January 2023 The Carbon Action Planner (CAP) will be rolled out across the campus to all Schools and Professional Services. This will give each School and Service the opportunity to design their own personalised Carbon Action Plan with the goal are reducing the carbon emissions of their department.

Can you reach net zero by 2050

Check out this cool game where you need to keep global warming to 1.5C by cutting energy-related carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050, spend too much early on and you’ll run out of budget.

Looking for more?

This is a department / School tailored package delivered upon request. Contact us to find out more.

Carbon Literacy (Externally Delivered)

Carbon Literacy is a 2 day accredited training scheme run by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) to embed sustainable behaviour changes within an organisation. The sustainability training improves staff awareness of the carbon costs and the impacts of their everyday activities. It also empowers individuals, communities, and organisations to be aware of how their actions can reduce emissions.

Free Resources


This free learning portal is brought to you by the Open University. There are 1000’s of free courses on here. Why not check out the Nature and Environment ones!


Another online portal that offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. With future learn you can pay a small fee to gain certificates of completion. Check out their Nature and Environment section as well.

SDG Academy

The SDG academy curates free, open and educational resources from the world’s leading experts on sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

The library has purchased this resource which has chapters, articles and teaching and learning resources for each of the 17 interlinked global goals. Any student or staff member can gain access when connected to the University’s VPN.

Future Qualifications

Loughborough University offers a selection of Environment and Sustainability based courses. Check out a selection listed below.