WARPit is an online portal and reuse network which makes it easy for Schools and Departments to share surplus resources on our two campuses. The portal is a great way to repurpose items you no longer require and reduce the need to buy new! This supports the University’s wide strategy of ‘Creating Better Futures. Together. Specifically, the focus on Climate change and net zero.

Why is WARPit beneficial

  • Spend less on procurement and waste disposal
  • Reduce our Carbon footprint
  • Reduce our waste by making the most of current assests
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Items claimed externally supports other organisations such as schools and charities

How does WARPit work?

  • Each School or Department will initially have one or more nominated WARPit Co-ordinators who will upload items available from and claim items for their School or Department. This is to ensure school resources and procurement budgets are co-orindated.
  • Email waste@lboro.ac.uk  if you need to know who your WARPit Co-ordinator is.
  • Anyone can see what’s available though by using the search facility at the top of the WARPit website.
  • Items can be uploaded for internal claims only and are always offered internally first.
  • If appropriate, items can also then be offered externally to our partner organisations (local) or the wider WARPit community
  • We are also able to claim items from the wider WARPit community
  • There is no internal cost to claim an item
  • The only external cost is the cost of collection for the items we claim
  • If an item isn’t claimed the School / Department and FADS Department can make a decision whether to re-advertise, try and store the item or dispose of it.
  • WARPit monitors the financial and carbon saving using average values for each type of item established by the portal developers.
  • Quick and easy guides for using WARPit are available on their blog.

What items can be reused through WARPit?

Mostly reusable furniture, fixtures and fittings, supplies and equipment and office consumables (although this can also be done through the Creative & Print online shop) Anything electrical may only be promoted internally and must be in good and safe working order. Participants have to abide by the terms and conditions stated when uploading or claiming a resource.

Other FAQ’s

  • Can staff use the system to trade their own goods or claim items for personal use? No
  • Are students allowed to claim items? No but:
    • Hall Committees may ask their Hall Manager to claim items for hall common rooms if they approve these.
    • Student societies may ask the Students Union permanent staff to claim items for use on campus if they approve of this and can store the items.
  • Any other questions can be emailed to the key contact – details below.