Give 'n' Go

Move outs June - July 2024

Give ’n’ Go is a campus-wide campaign we run every year at the end of the academic year as students begin to move out of their halls and leave Loughborough for the summer holidays. Our aim to repurpose and recycle as many items as possible that would otherwise end up in general waste and landfill.

We work with several charities to distribute donations given to the campaign by our students to those who need them. Not only does your support have a positive impact on the environment, you’ll be helping vulnerable groups of people (and doggos!) in our local community.  All campus halls will have a donation point.

Live in town but still want to get involved?

Look out for charity bags or specific collections organised by Charnwood Borough Council and the Choose to Reuse Campaign led by the community Warden Team .

What can you donate?

There are so many items you can give a new lease of life to by donating it to the Give ‘n’ Go campaign. We’ve put together a table of all the things we’re looking for and things our partner charities particularly need but if you have an item that’s not on the list get in touch with us through and we’ll tell you if it can be donated or how to recycle it properly!

Please ensure that all donations are Clean, and food is unopened - if you wouldn't give it to a friend, don't donate it!

  • Non-perishable food - Un-opened tinned, dried foods (such as soups, baked beans, pasta and rice) as well as food in unopened jars such as sauces.*
    We would especially like any sugar including open packets as this can be used to feed the campus bees during the winter months when their normal food is scarce.
  • Frozen food - Unfortunately we are unable to accept frozen food as part of the Give ‘N’ Go scheme but you can use the Olio App to offer frozen food to others subject to any rules of that App. 
  • Crockery and kitchen itemsItems such as plates, pans, utensils, Tupperware boxes cutlery, mugs, glassware.  These must all be clean and in good condition please.
  • ClothingClothes and shoes for all ages and genders welcome.
  • Coat hangersWhich we can give away as students arrive next year.
  • BooksAll fiction (adult and children’s) and any text / reference book.
  • StationaryUsed and un-used folders, notepads, pens, pencils etc.
  • Bedding itemsUsed and un-used pillows, duvets and throws – must be in good to excellent condition.
  • ToiletriesUn-opened bath and shower products, lotions, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary products etc.*
  • Electrical itemsWorking and broken electrical items such as tablets, keyboards, headphones etc.

* unfortunately we can only accept unopened items.

Make sure to bag or box up  your donations before dropping them off; why not put your donations into an old pillowcase?!

Where can I donate?

Donation stations will be based across campus and will be open June 3rd until July 1st in most halls, and July 19th in halls with extended contracts. Each station will be checked regularly and emptied to make sure there is plenty of room for everyone’s donations.

Donation Station Locations

Don’t forget you can also use the permanent British Heart Foundation banks to donate certain items such as clothing, books, and accessories. You can find the map of where to find these here.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

The Sustainability Team and a group of volunteers will be working hard behind the scenes sorting and packing all the donations ready for distribution to our partner charities.

Please email if you’d like to volunteer to help.

Where are the donations going?

We work with a number of local and national charities and not for profit organisations who will all benefit greatly from the donations received. Lots of charities and not for profit organisations have been particularly hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic and your donations to the Give ‘n’ Go event will make a huge difference to those in need. We also work with companies that can appropriately recycle old electrical equipment that isn’t suitable for donating, this ensures these items don’t end up in general landfill where they can harm the environment.

Shepshed Food Bank

Shepshed Food Bank aims to help prevent food poverty in Shepshed and the surrounding area by providing regular food parcels to individuals and families in need. Their services are required by families or individuals who have hit hard times, who may be experiencing issues such as benefit payment delays, redundancy or illness.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation’s vision is for a world free from fear of heart and circulatory diseases. Through their shops they sell a variety of items to raise vital funds that allow them to research cures and treatments to reach this goal.

Trent Vineyard Arches Project

The Arches project is able to reach out to thousands of vulnerable people, providing practical support to those who may find themselves in financial hardship or an emergency situation such as fleeing from domestic violence. They also support people to learn new skills and enhance existing talents which may help them achieve future employment.

East Midlands Dog Rescue

East Midlands Dog Rescue is a small group of volunteers who place abandoned and unwanted dogs in new homes, ensuring they get the best care. The charity has been rescuing and rehoming abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies for over 20 years. The rescue centre and kennels are based in Enderby, Leicestershire, but take dogs in from all over the East Midlands and beyond. Advertising costs, food bills, and vet fees are paid for by EMDR, and they are always in need of items such as spare used clothes, washing powder & refuse bags.

Better World Books

Better World Books believe in the power of knowledge, they are committed to the cause of literacy and believe every person should have the chance to achieve their potential. Through their work they aim to enable people to make sustainable positive changes in the world.