Sustainability Ambassadors

Loughborough University’s Sustainability Team is offering an exciting opportunity to support the campus and community while making it a greener, more sustainable place.

This voluntary role enables those with an interest in sustainability to participate in and promote activities, to demonstrate their support, and to encourage those around them to become more sustainable.

There are many benefits to becoming a Sustainability Ambassador including:

  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills 
  • Enhancing your CV through exclusive learning and development opportunities
  • Inspiring the Loughborough community to be more sustainable through positive and meaningful actions
  • Networking with like-minded students in a fun and friendly environment.

The role encourages you to promote sustainability on the Loughborough campus, as well as educating fellow students so that sustainable activities such as reducing meat consumption, reducing energy usage, and recycling become part of their daily routine.

Additionally, you will get to help organise and attend exciting events promoted through the Sustainability Ambassador Microsoft Teams Network and engage with the Student Green League. You will have the opportunity to promote the competition within the student community using different forms of media such as Instagram and assist the Campus and Sustainability rep with using and co-ordinating the Carbon Action Plan.

Finally, the role allows you to communicate with the Sustainability team and report any issues concerning sustainability, energy wastage, and recycling problems within the University, provide student feedback from previous events, discuss future events, and pitch additional ideas for events or activities to take place on campus.

If you would like to apply, please email Lottie Ambridge (Sustainability Assistant) at  with a short paragraph that includes a bit about yourself, why you applied, and why you think you would be suited to the role.

Applications open