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Loughborough Green League

The Green League is an inter-hall competition which has been run in the halls of residence since 2006. The Green League was formerly known as the Environment League until 2016. It is a joint venture between the University and the Students Union. From 2010 onwards we welcomed our partners in UPP and UNITE into the league. The Green League covers all 15 university-affiliated halls. The campaign is run by The University Sustainability Team» and the Loughborough Students Union and is supported by UNITE, UPP, Corporate Services» and Campus Living».

The Green League is just like any other Inter Hall Competition such as Rag or IMS. The Green League also counts towards Hall Of The Year, making it more important to excel in the league. In addition, through the Green League up to £750 can be won towards your halls Rag total!

The league rewards halls for environmentally sustainable behaviour. It is measured through three streams:

Each term a league table is produced showing where each hall stands in terms of their energy use, recycling, and proactivity toward sustainability issues. Halls are ranked according to these scores and the top three halls each term receive money toward their Rag totals (£250 for 1st, £175 for 2nd and £150 for 3rd). The final results will be announced at the DODO Awards.

The Green League aims to tap into the natural competitive instinct of Loughborough students to encourage sustainable behaviour of our students so that they can take this forward beyond their time here at the university.

Overall 2015/16

• Onsite recycling levels were 50% on Campus. However, onsite recycling in halls was only 32% which affected the overall campus performance!
• There was a 6% energy reduction in halls.
• In 2016 a total of 2,838 bags of donated items were given to the British Heart Foundation, raising £39,732. This is up on 2015 where we donated 2,467 bags, raising £34,548s.

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