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Top 10 tips

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It's Better OFF is about the little changes we can all make to our lifestyles that will collectively make a significant impact on the University’s carbon emissions. As part of this, there are some actions that everybody can take.

  1. Switch off lights when leaving a room unoccupied, especially kitchens and toilets
  2. Try using natural daylight as much as possible
  3. Switch off your monitor when not in use. Even if only for 10 mins
  4. Turn PCs and other equipment off when not in use. Really off, not onto standby 
  5. Make sure shared equipment isn’t left forgotten about – install a timer plug
  6. Do not leave energy intensive research equipment on if it is not necessary to do so
  7. Make sure energy saving features on PCs, printers and photocopiers are enabled
  8. Unplug mobile and laptop chargers between uses
  9. Dress for the season
  10. Shut windows and doors when the heating / cooling is on, Use blinds to reduce solar gain in summer

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