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Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting you device

Why can't I just use a username and password to access eduroam?

The preferred method for connecting to eduroam is to use a certificate (issued through Certificates are the preferred method for authentication for a number of reasons.

Security - using the installer ensures your device is properly configured. 

Efficiency - certificate based authentication is a simple conversation between your device and the authentication server. This means that the authentication occurs more quickly than with a username and password.

Scalability - due to the large numbers of devices using eduroam at Loughborough University, certificate based authentication performs better under load.

What can I do if it doesn't work?

Problems are typically due to wireless drivers being out of date, or conflicts with other programs.


  • Most laptops have a physical switch on the side or front which turns off the wireless antenna. Set this switch to the On position to work online.
  • If you have changed your Loughborough University password, you will need to update any locally cached copy of your password on your wireless device.
  • Driver updates are normally available from your vendor's web site.

Why can't I just use my mac address to access eduroam?

MAC Address based authentication is neither secure nor scalable. The only industry recognised method to securely authenticate and connect to a wireless network is through the use of WPA2 Enterprise using EAP authentication.

Can I connect in Halls of Residence?

Please refer to HallNet  section. 

For faster internet speeds and greater reliability, we highly recommend using the wired connection whilst in your room. You will receive a far better connection when you “Plug in” your PC, Laptop, Games Console etc to the wired socket. By connecting this way, you will benefit from the following:

• Better video streaming from BBC iPlayer, All 4 etc;

• Faster download speed;

• Less buffering on YouTube;

• Less ‘lag’ when gaming;

• A 100Mb connection to yourself and not a shared wireless connection with your flat mates.

IT Services provide all hall residents with a free Ethernet cable, these can be collected from you hall reception area or the PC Clinic in the Library.

Can I connect a wireless printer in my room?

Please visit the HallNet section for information on Wireless Printers.

Can I use the wireless networks at other Universities and Colleges?

You can use eduroam at any participating eduroam site. When you visit other sites you don't need to change anything. If your device is properly configured to work with eduroam at Loughborough University, it will work at other eduroam sites. See About eduroam web page for more information. 

Configuring your device

Why do I have to run the wireless setup tool ( every time I want to use the Internet?

You only need to run the setup tool once. If you are presented with the installer page again your device has most likely re-joined the setup-wifi network (instead of eduroam). To stop this from happening remove setup-wifi from the list of configured wireless networks on your device. 

I am concerned you require me to install a root certificate?

Some people have concerns about the installation of a root certificate. When authenticating devices on eduroam you need to ensure that you are talking to the correct authentication server (and not a fake / rogue one). To do this the authentication server at Loughborough University presents your device with its certificate (during the authentication process) so your device can check it is talking to the correct server. At Loughborough our authentication servers use a private CA and therefore you need to install this CA on your device. This is why we require you to install a root certificate.

However, we understand some people have concerns about installing root CAs. We assure you that the only purpose we a using this certificate authority for is eduroam authentication. We take the privacy and security of staff and students very seriously and do not use the certificate authority for any other purpose.

Can I use my VOIP phone, PSP, Nintendo DS etc.?

Your device can use eduroam if it supports the WPA2 Enterprise wireless networking standard. Devices such as Nintendo DS which don't have WPA2 Enterprise capabilities will not be able to connect. Contact your device manufacturers support to find out if it can connect to a WPA2 Enterprise network.


Important notice: iOS 15 (iCloud+ subscription)

From iOS 15 and the next version of macOS (Monterey) Apple are introducing iCloud Private Relay. This is an always on VPN that tunnels traffic out via Apple servers and is part of the iCloud+ subscription.

Devices using this service will be unable to access internal campus resources as the traffic will originate from external to the university. It also circumvents protection we provide to protect campus users.

As such we have decided to block this for on campus users. This means that any user with it enabled will get an alert saying that they need to either disable Private Relay for your network or choose another network.


How secure is eduroam?

When you use eduroam, the communications between your device and the wireless network are protected using industry standard AES encryption. This gives you the highest level of protection we are able to offer.

Why do I have to set a PIN / lock screen for my phone?

Your device is being configured with either University credentials or a certificate which provides access to University resources. It is important these are protected against theft. Therefore you are required to secure your device to prevent these from being accessed by unauthorised persons. It is also consider best security practice to set a pin / lock screen for your device.