What is HallNet?

HallNet is the Wi-Fi and wired network service available in halls of residence to connect smart devices and game consoles.

Hallnet Wi-Fi

This network is only available for wireless smart devices (Amazon Alexa, Google products etc.) which are not capable of connecting to eduroam and is only available in halls of residence. Instructions to connect your wireless smart devices can be found on the button below.

  • Smart TV
  • Fire TV stick
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google products

Most other internet of things (IoT) devices are not designed to be able to operate on an enterprise-class network, this includes Sonos speakers, wireless printers and other smart devices that do not support the WPA2-Enterprise wireless authentication. 

Hallnet wired

You will receive a far better connection when you 'plug in' your PC, Laptop, Games Console etc to the wired socket. Collect a Free Ethernet cable from your Hall reception area or the PC Clinic in the Library.

Compatible devices: 

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and newer
  • Android 11 and newer
  • Apple MacOS 11 and newer
  • Apple iOS 15 and newer
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox One

Connect to HallNet...


We do not support personal printers on our wireless network and you will not need one.

There are multiple printers available around campus, charged on a per page basis and can be accessed from your own MacOS/Windows computer.

Please visit Campus Printing  https://www.lboro.ac.uk/services/creative-print/print-post/campus-printing/.

If you do bring a printer, it is recommended to connect to your printer via a USB cable. This allows you to print directly from your computer/laptop without the requirement for an internet connection. Please refer to your device manual for instructions to enable a USB connection.

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