Business Partnering

image portraying business partnering with handshakes

The Business Partnering team acts as a trusted partner between IT Services and the University.

Requests and services we can help with:

  • New cloud software (SaaS) – review your requirements and help you to procure and implement new software solutions. See dedicated webpage
  • Request a new IT service - Require a new IT service?
  • Request IT to contribute to a project - Help with the IT elements of your project
  • New technological innovations - How can new technology help me?
  • Research project IT planning - We can help you scope the IT elements of a research project
  • Require IT to contribute to an annual plan or quadrennial review? - We can help you add key IT information to your strategic planning

The team works closely with the Enterprise Architecture team to ensure that proposed technical solutions are sound and the Project Management Office to ensure they are delivered.

Do you require a review of your business processes?

Review your business case ensuring it is robust enough to justify the University providing another software solution.

  • Before you opt for a new software solution, please review your business processes, if you need help and advice from the Change Team they provide a ‘Guide on the Side’ service.
  • Consider all potential stakeholders involved in the process under review and ensure they are kept informed. For example Academic Registry for student related processes, HR for staff etc.

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