How to connect my Android device to eduroam

To complete the connection, you will be required to enter your Loughborough University username and password.

To connect to eduroam your device must have a supported, up to date and licenced operating system. Please check that your Android device is running on an OS version 10.0 or later.

Step 1: Download

Download and install the Cloudpath app using the link below

Once you have installed the app, do not open or run it and follow the instructions below:

Get it on Google Play

Step 2: Settings

Open the Settings menu

  • Open the Network and Internet menu (Wi-Fi Settings)
  • Select and join setup-wifi

Step 3: Google Chrome

Once connected to setup wi-fi

  • Open Google Chrome (other browsers will not allow the cloudpath app to run)
  • Type in and go to
  • Entre your Loughborough University username and password 
  • Click Continue
Cloudpath site

Step 4: Acceptable use policy

Read and Accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Step 5: Certificates

  • If you have previously connected to eduroam you can review your devices and delete certificates which are not in use
  • If you are redeploying an existing device, select the device name from the list and click continue
  • If this is a new device, check This is an additional device’ and fill in the Name for the device and click continue

Step 6: Download the app

 We recommend to install the cloudpath app first, you can then skip the step 1 button and move straight to step 2

  • Click Step 1 if you have not already downloaded the app
  • You will be directed to the Google Play store  to download the Ruckus Cloudpath app
  • Click the Install button but Do Not Open the App

Step 7: Do Not Open The App - Return to Chrome

Go back into Google Chrome

  • Click Step 2 
  • The Cloudpath app will begin configuring and attempt to connect to eduroam

Step 8: Connect to eduroam

Once Cloudpath has complete it should connect automatically to eduroam but if not:

  • Open Wi-Fi settings 
  • Click on the eduroam Wi-Fi (if it hasn’t already selected)
  • Wait for it to connect

Step 9: Finally, Forget Setup-wifi

Finally, Forget Setup-wifi

Once you have connected to eduroam >

  • Click and hold on setup-wifi until a menu appears
  • Select Forget network

You can delete the cloudpath app if you wish.