How do I connect my Smart device to the network

Some devices (e.g., games console, Amazon Echo, Fire TV, etc.) are not able to connect to the eduroam wireless network.

To connect these devices to the Wi-Fi in your hall bedroom, you can use the ‘Hallnet’ Wi-Fi network. You will need to register the MAC address of your device. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Log on to the onboarding site (see link below) to register the wireless MAC address of your device
  • Enter the MAC address in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx fill in the description and click on Register
  • Make a note of Pre-Shared Key (PSK) generated
  • On your Smart device, join the Hallnet Wi-Fi network by entering the PSK when prompted for the Network security key/Password

Hallnet Wi-Fi is only for devices which are not capable of connecting to eduroam and is only available in halls of residence

MAC Registration

Connecting your Mobile device to Hallnet Wi-Fi

In order to get your Smart device connected online, you will need to connect it to the Hallnet network. First, you may need to get your mobile device connected to Hallnet Wi-Fi.

You will need to get the mac address from your mobile phone. To find this out will depend on the mobile brand and operating system.

Please note: eduroam is main the University wireless network for mobile phones. We recommend that you switch back once you have connected your smart device.

Find MAC address

First, you need to locate the MAC address from your mobile device:


Open the Settings menu, Scroll down and select About phone. Select Status (or Hardware information). Scroll down to Wi-Fi MAC address - this is your device's MAC address


From the home screen, open 'Settings', select 'General' and select 'About'. Scroll down to Wi-Fi Address - this is your device's MAC address

Go to the onboarding site

Once you have this information you can register your device on our website

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Other Devices'
  • Log in with your student credentials

Add MAC address

Type in the MAC address and the device name into the boxes provided.

Make a note of the Pre-Shared Key (PSK) information. This is the password you will need to connect to the hallnet wireless network.

Hallnet network

Return to your mobile phone home screen,

  • Open 'Settings'
  • Open your 'Wi-Fi' settings
  • Find the 'hallnet' network and click on it
  • Turn off the 'randomized mac address' function (see device details below):


Open up the settings "hallnet" wifi by:

  • Click the gear icon associated with hallnet
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Click on "Privacy"
  • Select "Use Device MAC"


Open the Settings app and then click on "Wi-Fi"

  • Click on the information button (i) next to"hallnet" wi-fi
  • Click to turn Private Address off

Connect to the hallnet network

To connect to the "hallnet" network use the 'Pre-Shared Key (PSK)' against your device on the onboarding website as the password for this connection.

Should you experience any issues with this process, please email the IT Service Desk for further assistance.

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