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To complete the connection, you will be required to enter your Loughborough University Username and Password.

Connecting to eduroam

Video guide

Learn how to connect your Windows PC to eduroam, the university's wireless network

Step by step instructions:

To connect your Windows PC to the wireless network, eduroam:

  1. Open Wi-Fi Settings > Connect to setup wifi
  2. A browser will be launched and will redirect to (if not, please open the browser and visit the URL)
  3. Type in your Loughborough username and password > click Continue
  4. Read and Accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  5. If you have previously connected to eduroam you can review your devices and delete certificates which are not in use
  6. If you are using an existing device, select the device name from the list and click ‘continue’.
  7. If this is a new device, select 'This is an additional device' fill in the Name for the device and click ‘continue’.
  8. Select the appropriate option (wired or not), if you are unsure > click No
  9. Click the button to download the Certificate for Windows
  10. On the pop-up box > click Save
  11. Once saved > click RunRun Anyway
  12. The cloudpath installer will open, wait for it to configure. The installer will let you know when it is configured. Once it has completed, check your Network Settings to make sure you are connected to eduroam.

*To remove a certificate, click RemoveContinue. Make sure to delete the profile from your device.

Need more help?

The following instructions below are only for when this mechanism does not work.

Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority from the link below and follow the Certificate Authority Installation guide:

CER encoded - Windows / Windows Mobile7 / Some Windows WM 5 / 6

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