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Wireless Technical Setup Details

The following instructions only apply if you are unable to configure your device using the cloudpath app downloaded from the Google Play store.

Devices that support WPA2 in Enterprise mode are compatible with the eduroam wireless network. To configure your device, you will need to download the Loughborough University Certification Authority (CA) certificate, to complete the secure connection to the eduroam network.

When prompted to enter Username and Password, this will be your Loughborough University username and password.

The following process can be completed using 4G, or by selecting set-up wifi from the Connections option in the Settings area.

1. If you are not connected to 4G, go to Settings and select set-up wifi

2. Click to download the PEM encoded: Loughborough CA certificate page

3. Once downloaded, click Open

4. Certificate Name: Loughborough CA

5. Credential Use: select Wi-Fi, Click OK

6. Return back to the settings button and hold down set-up wifi and select forget network

7. Select eduroam

8. EAP method: select PEAP

9. Phase 2 authentication: select MSCHAPV2

10. CA Certificate: select Loughborough CA

11. Identity: enter your Loughborough username

12. Anonymous identity: enter

13. Password: Enter your Loughborough password and select Connect

Wireless Network Settings

Wireless Network Settings
SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2 Enterprise (802.11i)
Encryption: AES / CCMP
Authentication: 802.1X
802.1X Types: EAP/TLS (Certificate generated through
Outer Identity:
Username: [Universtity Username]
Password: Password

[leave blank]

(Authentication) Server name: 

Certificate Authority Hash - SHA1 Fingerprint: