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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to run the wireless setup tool ( every time I want to use the internet?

You only need to run the setup tool once. If you are presented with the installer page again your device has most likely re-joined the setup-wifi network (instead of eduroam). To stop this from happening, remove setup-wifi from the list of configured wireless networks on your device. 

Can I use the wireless networks at other Universities and Colleges?

You can use eduroam at any participating eduroam site. When you visit other sites you don't need to change anything. If your device is properly configured to work with eduroam at Loughborough University, it will work at other eduroam sites. 

Is it secure?

When you use eduroam, the communications between your device and the wireless network are protected using industry standard AES encryption. This gives you the highest level of protection we are able to offer.

What can I do if it doesn't work?

Problems are typically due to wireless drivers being out of date or conflicts with other programs.


  • Most laptops and all supported Staff Desktop laptops have a physical switch on the side or front which turns off the wireless antenna. Set this switch to the On position to work online.
  • If you have changed your Loughborough University Active Directory password, you will need to update any locally cached copy of your password on your wireless device.
  • Driver updates are normally available from your vendor's website.

Why can't I just use a username and password to access eduroam?

The preferred method for connecting to eduroam is to use a certificate (issued through Certificates are the preferred method for authentication for a number for the following reasons.

Security - using the installer ensures your device is properly configured. 

Efficiency - certificate-based authentication is a simple conversation between your device and the authentication server. This means that the authentication occurs more quickly than with a username and password.

Scalability - due to the large numbers of devices using eduroam at Loughborough University, certificate-based authentication performs better under load.

I have a University Managed Windows 10 or Apple Mac, how will i connect to the new network?

Your device is automatically configured by IT Services, you will not be required to do anything to get a connection.

I'm trying to connect a non-managed device to the new network and having problems, how do i do this?

You will need to configure your device to identify itself to the network.  Visit and click on option 1. University Staff / Student Then follow the onboarding workflow to configure your computer.