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Google Chromebook

Connecting your Chromebook to the Wireless Network

Please be aware that you will need to login as the main user account on the Chromebook before completing the following instructions.

You will need to join the setup-wifi network. When connected to the setup-wifi, if you open a web browser you will be redirected to a page which will help configure your device.


Connecting your device


Connect to setup-Wi-Fi


Open Google Chrome – go to


Enter your Loughborough credentials, and accept the AUP


  • If you have previously connected to eduroam you can review your devices and delete certificates which are not in use
  • If you are using an existing device, select the device name from the list and click ‘continue’.
  • If this is a new device, select 'This is an additional device' fill in the Name for the device and click “Continue”.

Go to Downloads Folder

Cloudpath will detect the device as Chrome OS,

Click Step 1 to download the Network File – DO NOT OPEN THIS FILE


Follow the steps outlined in Step 2:

  • Open a new tab in the browser
  • Type – Chrome://net-internals/#chromeos
  • Under Import ONC File, click Choose File
  • A pop-up window will open, select the downloaded eduroam.onc file, and click Open. – wait a few seconds (nothing will pop-up if it is successful)
  • After a minute, try to connect to eduroam, by going into your device’s Wi-Fi settings and selecting eduroam.
  • If the certificate was successfully downloaded, the device will connect to eduroam.

The instructions given below are only for when you are unable to configure your device via the cloudpath mechanism.


Open Chrome Web Browser

Connect to setup Wi-Fi

Open the Chrome web browser and navigate  – go to The Technical Setup page: 


Click PEM Encoded Linux / Other to download the ca.pem file – DO NOT OPEN

Open a new tab in the browser and enter the following: chrome://settings/certificates


Go to Authorities, and click Import at the bottom of the screen

Select the ca.pem file you downloaded and click Open – once it is loaded, Chrome OS will ask you to set the Trust settings – tick all the boxes and click OK.


You will not need to log out / sign out of the device and log back in. – close everything before you do.

Log back in to the device, and open Google Chrome

Go to Chrome://settings


Go to Downloads Folder

Under Internet Connection, click Add Connection and select Add Wi-Fi

Click Advanced and follow the details below:



EAP Method


Phase 2 Authentication


Server CA Certificate

(This is the certificate you downloaded)

Loughborough University Network Services…

User Certificate

None installed


(Your username)


Your password

Anonymous identity


You may tick the box to Save identity and password.

Click Connect