IT support for students

Students in a computer lab

Welcome to all new and returning students!

For instructions and helpful guides on connecting your devices to key services, please visit the IT Services website.

From Wednesday 27 September to Friday 06 October from 10:00am until 4:00pm (excluding Saturday and Sunday), IT Services will be hosting a pop-up counter at the Pilkington Library to provide support and advice for students requiring IT support.

Alternatively, you can email the Service Desk at – Don’t forget to add a brief description of your query in the Subject area.

Returning students

Reconnecting your device to eduroam, the campus Wi-Fi network.

The security certificate used to connect your device to the university’s secure network (eduroam) expires annually. This means you will need to re-onboard each of your devices every year.

Quick links 

Connecting to the campus Wi-Fi network

 Multi-Factor Authentication – Install Duo Mobile app

Software downloads

Connecting devices in halls

Connect to the VPN