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In this section you will find contact details and information regarding all members of staff affiliated with Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering.

The School's Management Team

The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering - Management team

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Dr Richard Adoua

Research Associate

+44 (0)1509 227334

02-001 NCCAT Building

Dr Ahmed Ahmedov

Research Associate in Product Development for Powertrain Control

Mr Ritesh Amin

Technical Lead (IDE)

+44 (0)20 38235656

IDE - Loughborough London

Dr Matteo Angelino

Research Associate

Dr Panagiotis Athanasiou

Research Assistant in Powertrains Testing

Mr Evangelos Bacharoudis

Research Associate in Unsteady Combustion Related Phenomena in Gas Turbines

Ashley Barker

Technical Operations Manager

Mr Ian Barnard

Programmes Director

IDE - Loughborough London

Dr Parviz Behrouzi

Research Associate

Dr Matt Best

Senior Lecturer in Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Dr Clare Bonham

Lecturer in Gas Turbine Aerothermal Engineering

Lynn Braham

Finance and Support Team Manager

Dr Mark Brend

Research Fellow

+44 (0)1509 635384

02-005 NCCAT Building

Adrian Broster

Senior Engines and Powertrains Technician

Dr Daniel Butcher

Research Associate

Ann Cage

Support Administrator - Finance

Emma Callaghan

Business Manager - Rolls-Royce UTC

Professor Jon Carrotte

Rolls-Royce/Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Aerothermal Technology

Mark Cassell

Research Associate

Professor Wen-Hua Chen

Professor in Autonomous Vehicles

Professor Rui Chen

Professor of Low Carbon Engineering

Mr Thomas Childs

Research Associate in Research Methods

Dr Bjorn Cleton

University Teacher in Computer Aided Engineering

Martin Coleman

Mechanical Engineering Technician

David Cooper

Specialist Research Technician

Dr Paul Cunningham

Senior Lecturer in Advanced Aerospace Materials and Structures

Mr Samuele De Guido

Technical Lead (IDE)

+44 (0)20 38235657

IDE - Loughborough London

Dr Paul Denman

Head of Commercial Research and Technology

Mr Zihang Dong

Research Associate in Optimisation based Control and Info Processing

Mr Tony Fardoe

Specialist Research Technician

Dr Tom Fletcher

Research Associate in System Optimisation for Model Based Powertrain Calibration

Robert Flint

Commercial Research Officer

Ginny Franklin

Academic Librarian

+44(0)1509 222374

Pilkington Library, Academic Services Team Office

Mr Boyang Gao

Research Associate in Noise and Vibration of Electric Vehicles

Dr Andrew Garmory

Senior Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Debbie Halliday

UG Admissions and Student Support Administrator

Charlotte Hammond

Finance and Resources Administrator

Iain Harber

Specialist Engine and Powertrains Technician

Dr Christopher Harvey

Senior Lecturer in Structural Mechanics

Mr Graham Hodgson

Research Associate in Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Steve Horner

Engines and Power Trains Supervisor

Mr Zexin Huang

Research Associate in Automated Model Order Reduction Adaptive Modelling

Dr Nicola Hughes

Research Associate

Mr Storm Hull

Powertrains Apprentice

Dr Salah Ibrahim

Senior Lecturer in Thermodynamics and Combustion

Professor Lisa Jackson

Professor of Risk and Reliability

Dr Nikolaos Kalantzis

Research Associate in Model Based Powertrain Calibration Development

Pradip Karia

Electronic Services Workshop Supervisor

Mr Jez Kearn

Mechanical Technician

Professor Steven Kenny

Professor of Mathematical and Computational Modelling

Dr Jung-Sik Kim

Senior Lecturer in Energy Storage and Demand Reduction

Dr James Knowles

Lecturer in Dynamics and Control

Dr Jianglin Lan

Research Associate, intelligent systems

Dr Ivan Langella

Lecturer in Thermo Fluids Science and Engineering

Dr Yanling Li

Research Associate

+44 (0)1509 227282

02-001 NCCAT Building

Nigel Lines

Mechanical Services Workshop Technician

Dr Cunjia Liu

Senior Lecturer in Unmanned Vehicles

Professor Joseph Loughlan

Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Structures

Rachel Lovett

Student Support Administrator

Ian Mariah

Research Associate

Dr Byron Mason

Senior Lecturer in Advanced Propulsion

Professor Jim McGuirk

Emeritus Professor of Aerodynamics

Les Monk

Specialist Research Technician

Professor John Moran

Visiting Professor of Combustion Technology

Mr Simon Neal

STEMLab Senior Technician

Mr John Newton

Aeronautical Technical Tutor

Dr Dan J O'Boy

Senior Lecturer in Structural Dynamics

Professor Gary Page

Professor of Computational Aerodynamics

Professor Martin Passmore

Professor of Automotive Aerodynamics

Dr Graham Peacock

Research Associate

Ms Simone Pereira

Engagement & Activation Manager

Dr Antonios Pezouvanis

Research Fellow in Advanced Propulsion

Harshad Purohit

Electronic Services Workshop Technician

Dr Peter Render

Senior Lecturer in Aircraft Aerodynamics

Sue Rolland

Student Support Coordinator

Dr Maria Sarmiento-Carnevali

Research Associate in Battery Systems and Thermal Modelling for Electric Vehicles

Govinder Sharman

Electronic Services Workshop Technician

Ms Sunniva Skorve

Business Operations Officer

+44 (0)20 38235687

IDE - Loughborough London

Dr Apostolos Spanelis

Research Associate

Professor Adrian Spencer

Professor in Thermo-fluid Mechanics

Dr Thomas Steffen

Senior Lecturer in Control Engineering

Mr Alex Thirkell

Research Assistant in Methanol Fed High Energy Density Fuel Cell Systems

Neil Thorley

Specialist Research Technician

David Travis

School Technical Superintendent

Professor Pim Van Der Jagt

Visiting Professor

Vijay Venkatesan

Research Associate Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)

Dr A Duncan Walker

Senior Lecturer in Applied Aerodynamics

Dr Simon Wang

Senior Lecturer in Applied and Computational Mechanics

Dr Andrew Watson

Lecturer in Aerospace Structures

Rhian Watt

Support Administrator

Dr Edward Winward

Senior Research APC Dynamo

Dr Hao Xia

Senior Lecturer in Gas Turbine Aerothermal Engineering

+44 (0)1509 227232

01-003 NCCAT Building

Mr Derek Yan

RA in Resilience Modelling Framework for Improved Nuclear Safety

Mr Bradley Yorke-Biggs

Professor of Practice and CEO of UK DETP

Miss Ruoyang Yuan

RA in Hybrid Powertrain Thermal and Energy Management Modelling

Dr Eve Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Digital Engineering

Dr Dezong Zhao

Lecturer in Intelligent Systems

Dr Gang Zhou

Senior Lecturer in Composite Aerospace Structures