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In this section you will find contact details and information regarding all members of staff affiliated with Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering.

The School's Management Team

The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering - Management team

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Mr Christos Apostolou

Research Associate (Red Diesel Replacement Project)

Ashley Barker

Head of Technical Operations

Mr Mark Barron

Mechanical Services Workshop Supervisor

Mr William Beckwith

Research Associate in Future Gas Turbine Combustion Systems

Dr Matt Best

Senior Lecturer in Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Dr Mark Brend

Head of Optical Diagnostics

Mr John Budworth

Engine and Powertrain Laboratory Technician

Dr Daniel Butcher

Lecturer in Applied Fluid Mechanics

Emma Callaghan

Head of Business Operations and Development

Professor Jon Carrotte

Rolls-Royce/Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Aerothermal Technology

Dr Mark Cary

Senior Technical Specialist/Leader in Industry

Mark Cassell

Senior Research Associate in Gas Turbine Combustion System Emissions

Professor Wen-Hua Chen

Professor in Autonomous Vehicles

Dr Bjorn Cleton

University Teacher in AACME

Matthew Coombes

Lecturer in Autonomous Vehicles

David Cooper

Specialist Research Technician

Anne Courtenay-Smith

Student Support Officer (Exams and Programme Management)

Dr Paul Denman

Director of Technology Development

Dr Sarah Dunnett

Reader in Systems Reliability

Mr Chris Entwisle

Research Student

NCCAT Building

Tony Fardoe

Specialist Research Technician

Robert Flint

Commercial Research Officer

Dr Ashley Fly

Academic title: Lecturer in Vehicle Electrification

Dr Andrew Garmory

Reader in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr Adrian Gaylard

Technical Specialist for Computational Aerodynamics at Jaguar Land Rover

Mr Zijian Ge

Project AVATAR Administrator

Mr Marios Georgiou

Research Associate in Data Analytics for Decarbonisation

Mr Michael Gilmour

Student Support Officer Exams and Programme Management

Ms Lisa Gregory

Student Support Administrator - Learning and Teaching

Mr John Grover

Senior Teaching Fellow

Visiting academic

Dr Shengkai Guo

Research Associate in Development of IoT Sensors and Data Acquisition Systems

Dr Guoqiang Tan

RA in Mobile Robotics & Manipulators for Dynamic Manufacturing

Debbie Halliday

UG Admissions and Student Support Administrator

Charlotte Hammond

Finance and Resources Administrator

Iain Harber

Specialist Engine and Powertrains Technician

Mr Chris Harris

STEMLab Manager

Dr Christopher Harvey

Senior Lecturer of Solid Mechanics

Mr Tim Haycock

NCCAT Technical Manager

Sharon Hayward-Fryer

Doctoral Research Officer

Steve Horner

Engines and Power Trains Supervisor

Rachel Hughes

PA to the Head of Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Professor Lisa Jackson

Head of the Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Mr Mark Jefferies

Visiting Professor of Industrial Strategy - Aerospace

Dr Jingjing Jiang

Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles

Dr James Knowles

Senior Lecturer in Dynamics and Control

Professor Victor Krylov

Emeritus Professor of Acoustics and Vibration

Dr Manish Kumar

Research Associate in Afterburner Aerodynamics

Mr Scot Layton

Undergraduate Lecturer in the School of AACME and Civil Engineering

Dr Chengyuan Liu

Lecturer in Safety-Critical Control

Dr Cunjia Liu

Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Professor Joseph Loughlan

Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Structures

Rachel Lovett

Student Support Administrator

Mr Roman Lukianchuk

Research and Test Cell Assistant

ICE Laboratory

Miss Bonnie Lyu

Research Assistant in Process Monitoring

Mr Vlad Magdici

Mechanical Design Engineer

2.07 NCCAT Building

Ian Mariah

Research Associate

Dr Byron Mason

Reader in Advanced Propulsion

Dr Georgios Mavros

Reader in Intelligent Mobility and Vehicle Dynamics

Professor Jim McGuirk

Emeritus Professor of Aerodynamics

Mr Emanuil Mladenov

Research Associate in Process Monitoring

Les Monk

Specialist Research Technician

Professor John Moran

Professor of Combustion Technology

Dr Rohit Nanavati

Research Associate in Autonomous Mobile Robots

Mr Simon Neal

STEMLab Senior Technician

STEMLab Office Floor 2

Mr Malcolm Newbitt

Student Support Administrator - Placements

Mr John Newton

University Teacher in Aeronautical Engineering

Dr Zhiqiang Niu

Lecturer in Sustainable Transport Technologies

Rawinder Nottra

Innovation and Research Centre Coordinator

Dr Dan J O'Boy

Senior Lecturer in Structural Dynamics

Miss Caitlin O'Shea

Student Support Administrator (Learning & Teaching)

Dr Nicholas Oettle

Technical Specialist for Aeroacoustics at Jaguar Land Rover

Professor Gary Page

Professor of Computational Aerodynamics

Mr Simran Panesar

Research Associate

NCCAT Building

Mr Pramod Pashupathy

Research Associate in Goal-Oriented Control Systems

Professor Martin Passmore

Emeritus Professor of Automotive Aerodynamics

Manisha Patel

NCCAT Coordinator

Dr Graham Peacock

Senior Research Associate in Gas Turbine Combustion Cooling Technology

Dr Antonios Pezouvanis

Research Fellow in Advanced Propulsion

Mr Jack Prior

R&D Engineer KTP Finisher

Dr David Rogers

Visiting Fellow in Combustion Pressure Measurement and Analysis

Mr Buddhi Senake Ralalage

Research Assistant in Battery Degradation

Govinder Sharman

Electronic Services Workshop Technician

Samantha Sharp

Student Support Officer (Exams and Programme Management)

Catherine Shipley

Pronouns: She/her

Academic Librarian - Engineering

Pilkington Library

Jo Smith

UTC/NCCAT Administrative Assistant

Professor Adrian Spencer

Professor in Thermo-fluid Mechanics

Dr Thomas Steffen

Reader in Control of Energy Systems

Pat Storer

PA to the Dean of School

Professor Paul Thomas

Visiting Professor

Daniella Threapleton

Student Support Administrator - Postgraduate Research

Dr Lu Tian

Lecturer in Sustainable Transport Technologies

Mr Simon Timms

Senior Test Engineer

Dr Toa Tran

Research Associate in Goal Oriented Control Systems

David Travis

School Technical Superintendent

Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan

Professor of Advanced Materials and Processing

Dr Dhamotharan Veerasamy

Experimental Database Coordinator

Dr Alan Veyrat-Charvillon

KTP Associate in Transition Duct Aerodynamic Design

Based at Rolls-Royce Derby

Professor A Duncan Walker

Professor of Applied Aerodynamics

Mr Thomas Walker

Research Associate

Dr Simon Wang

Senior Lecturer in Applied and Computational Mechanics

Dr Xuefang Wang

Research Associate in Goal-Oriented Control Systems

Clare Ward

Student Support Team Manager

Dr Andrew Watson

Lecturer in Aerospace Structures

Dr Rob Watson

Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Professor Simon Weeks

Visiting Professor of Sustainable Technology

Professor Matthias Wellers

Visiting Professor of Powertrain Systems Engineering

Dr Jack Wetherell

Research Associate in Hydrogen Combustion Analysis

Dr Maxwell Williams

Senior Research Associate in Gas Turbine Combustion System Aerothermal Technology

Miss Liz Wootton

Business Operations Support Officer

Dr Hao Xia

Reader in Gas Turbine Aerothermal Engineering

Dr Bijie Yang

Lecturer in Sustainable Propulsion and Power

Dr Jun Yang

Reader in Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

Dr Ken Young

Visiting Professor of Combustion Technology

Mr Yalei Yu

Research Assistant in Mobile Robotics & Manipulators

Dr Eve Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Digital Engineering

Dr Yuanjian Zhang

Lecturer in Intelligent Electric Vehicles

Dr Gang Zhou

Senior Lecturer in Composite Aerospace Structures

Professor Bin Zhu

Visiting Professor, Loughborough University, UK

Dr Yuefei Zuo

Research Associate in Intelligent Electrification