Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Dr Jack Wetherell MRes, MEng, AMRAeS

Photo of Dr Jack Wetherell

Research Associate in Hydrogen Combustion Analysis

Jack received his MEng degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Loughborough University in 2017. Following this, he joined the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics, completing an MRes degree from the University of Cambridge in 2018 before returning to Loughborough University for the PhD phase. He began work as a research associate in January 2022, and since January 2023 is working on the development of novel hydrogen combustion systems for aviation applications.


  • PhD, 2023 (submitted, passed viva), Loughborough University
    • Title: Large eddy simulation of primary atomisation in prefilming airblast atomisers. 
  • MRes, 2018, University of Cambridge
  • MEng, 2017, Loughborough University


Outline of main research interests: 

The development and application of CFD methods for gas turbine combustion systems. This includes:

  • Two Phase Flows
    • Methods development for interface capturing simulations of atomisation.
    • High-fidelity simulations of primary and secondary atomisation.
    • Analysis and development of analytical/empirical models for the breakup process.
    • Improvements to Lagrangian spray modelling
  • Reacting Flows
    • Hydrocarbon based combustion systems using flamelet based chemistry and Lagrangian sprays.
    • Development of methods for accurate simulation of hydrogen combustion
    • Development of novel combustion system designs for hydrogen fuelled gas turbines.

Wetherell, J. R. J., Garmory, A., Skarysz, M. (2020) Coupled Level Set Volume of Fluid Simulations of Prefilming Airblast Atomisation with Adaptive Meshing. Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air. Vol. 84126.