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Dr Gang Zhou PhD

Photo of Dr Gang Zhou

Senior Lecturer in Composite Aerospace Structures


Prior to becoming an academic, Gang worked as research associate on several government-funded research projects in both UK and USA.


  • PhD 1988 University of Durham, Solid Mechanics

Research group

  • Light Weight Structures

Research Interests, Experiences and Activities

Composite materials:

  • Mechanical characterisation, including tension, compression, in-plane & interlaminar shear & flexure.
  • Development of test methods for mechanical properties

Advanced monolithic composite and sandwich structures:

  • Material and structure design.
  • Manufacturing, including autoclaving, vacuum bagging and hot pressing.
  • Stress, structural and fracture mechanics analysis.
  • Quasi-static and impact testing.

Damage characterisation and NDT:

  • Destructive methods.
  • No-destructive methods, including C-scanning and X-ray

Impact damage resistance and tolerance assessment:

  • Impact damage resistance.
  • Compression-after-impact (CAI) damage tolerance assessment.
  • Development of CAI test methods.

Smart structures and structural health monitoring:

  • Fibre optic strain sensors.
  • Shape memory alloy wire actuators.

Finite element modelling and stress analysis:

  • Quasi-static behaviour using NASTRAN, ABAQUS and NIKE.
  • Impact response and penetration using LS-DYNA and FE77.

Current teaching responsibilities

  • TTA202 Mechanics of Materials
  • TTB204 Mechanics of Solids
  • TTC054 Principles of Composite Materials & Structures

Zhou, G., Mikinka, E., Golding, J., Bao, X., Sun, W., Ashby, A. (2020) Investigation of thermal degradation and decomposition of both pristine and damaged carbon/epoxy samples with thermal history. Composites Part B: Engineering, 201.

Zhou, G., Leung, H.L., Robinson, B., Zheng, C. (2019) New method for the evaluation of residual compressive strengths of sandwich panels via four-point bending. Mechanics of Materials, 136.

Grasso, M., Xu, Y., Ramji, A., Zhou, G., Chrysanthou, A., Haritos, G., Chen, Y. (2019) Low-velocity impact behaviour of woven laminate plates with fire retardant resin. Composites Part B: Engineering, 171.

Zhou, G., Zhang, B., Pasricha, A. (2017) A study of indentation behaviour of sandwich panels supported rigidly. International Journal of Structural Integrity, 8(4).

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