Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Dr Graham Wigley BSc, MSc, PhD

Photo of Dr Graham Wigley

Visiting Fellow


B.Sc. (Applied Physics) from City University, London, an M.Sc. (Nuclear Engineering) from Manchester University, followed by a Ph.D. (Environmental Physics) from Nottingham University. 

Joined Imperial College, London, as a Research Fellow but seconded to the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell. Then progressed to the Harwell staff as a Senior Scientific Officer.                                 

In 1981 moved to AVL-List in Graz, Austria and worked there for nearly 11 years before becoming an independent consultant.  Moved back to the UK in 1996 and joined Loughborough University, as a Research Fellow later becoming the Group Lotus Senior Research Fellow until 2012 when he became a Visiting Research Fellow.

Graham currently supports young researchers working with Phase Doppler techniques for spray and atomization studies. This work is in conjunction not only with Loughborough, but Universities in the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland.

Research Interests

Experimental Fluid Dynamics has been the common research theme to all the work from the MSc thesis through to today. 

Development of laser based diagnostics and measurement techniques and their application to fundamental flow studies in the fields of energy production, combustion systems and process technology.

Some 40 years have been committed to studying the fluid mechanics of internal combustion engines and their fuel injection systems. Author/joint author on over 60 publications.