Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Mr Thomas Walker MEng, MRes

Photo of Mr Thomas Walker

Research associate


  • MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University (2018)
  • MRes in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics at University of Cambridge (2019)

PhD in Fuel Injector Heat Transfer (2019 – present)

“Convective Heat Transfer in a Modern Lean Direct Injection Fuel Spray Nozzle”

Research Associate in Future Gas Turbine Combustion Systems (2023 – present)

Current research:

Experimentation of the aerodynamic and thermodynamic processes in gas turbine combustion systems including: 

  • Low pressure combustion systems
  • Reacting combustion experiments
  • Fuel Injector Heat Transfer and cooling
  • Fuel degradation and deposition
  • Combustor cooling
  • Additive manufacture roughness and heat transfer


Dr. C. Bonham and Prof. J.F. Carrotte

Research Group:

  • Applied Aerodynamics