Accommodation fees

Accommodation fees will vary depending on what type of accommodation you decide upon.

Indicative accommodation costs per year

Type of accommodationIndicative cost
Halls of Residence (39 weeks, catered) £5,500 – £7,600
Halls of Residence (39 weeks, self-catered) £3,800 – £6,900
Accommodation for performance athletes (45 weeks) £5,800 - £7,000

The figures in the above table are based on 2020/21 figures

What's included

As standard, all rooms have a bed, storage, desk, chair, shelves and a pin board. Depending on your choice of hall, you will have either ensuite facilities or a shared bathroom.

As part of your accommodation you will also have access to laundry facilities, a common room, Hallnet (direct access to the University Intranet, with Wi-Fi) and a superb hall student committee system.

In addition to these facilities, we also have a range of support and security measures in place which safeguard the safety of our students.


All halls of residence are supported by resident hall Wardens (usually members of staff) and Sub-wardens (usually postgraduate research students). They are there to ensure that the Residential Regulations are observed for the benefit of all residents and to look after your welfare and to help you.

You are encouraged to talk to them if you have any problems and they will treat all matters confidentially. Most importantly, they help create a relaxed and informal environment where you can socialise and study.


Our wide variety of halls provide you with both catered and self-catering options.

Some of the UK’s greatest athletes have stayed in our catered halls; we provide a complete range of food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Our team are committed to providing menus which allows for choice, healthy options and promotes home cooked food.

Catered halls offer either 5 day (10 or 15 meals per week) or 7 day (19 meals per week) meal options in a self-service style in their own Dining Hall – the best place to socialise with your friends.

Self-catering facilities in halls usually consist of a shared kitchen (except where otherwise stated) with a cooker, fridge/freezer, cupboards, sink and microwave. The convenient location of campus and great travel options means that you are never more than 5-10 minutes from a supermarket.

There are on-campus convenience stores, restaurants and cafés where you can easily stock up or eat out. Special meal deals and offers are available using our Cash+ or Diners+ card options. For more information on catering please visit our Accommodation website.

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