Catered accommodation

At Loughborough, we are renowned for our student experience and our students tell us that our dining halls play a large part in this.

Having your meals with your friends is a great social activity and what's even better is you don't have to do the washing up or grocery shopping and it's often a more cost effective option.

There are many benefits of choosing catered accommodation at Loughborough University.

  • You can enjoy two to three meals a day during the week then cater for yourself at weekends or choose Towers Hall for our seven-day option
  • Self-service style dining rooms - eat with your friends and have more time to socialise and study
  • Flexible dining aligned to student lifestyle with take-out and packed lunch options
  • Healthy food prepared and cooked freshly by our in-house team of professional chefs
  • Great choice and quality with limitless vegetables, salad and drink

In our 2023 Catered Survey, 91% of our students said they would recommend living in catered halls. Plus, 85% of students who didn’t pick catered halls as their first choice now say they would recommend it to others.

Our catering team provide a complete range of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with menus including a variety of choices for healthy options and home cooked food. The majority of dietary requirements or allergies can be catered for by our halls catering team.

Why go catered?

At Loughborough, living in halls is an important part of our award-winning student experience. Choosing our catered accommodation option gives you convenience, saves you time and provides an even better opportunity to meet people and be part of a friendly, welcoming community at university.

Meal packages

Each of our catered halls come with a specific meal package. There are currently four different types of package offered depending on the hall.

  • 19 meals per week: Three meals a day on weekdays with Brunch and evening meal at weekends.
  • 15 meals per week: Three meals a day on weekdays only.
  • 10 meals per week: Two meals a day (lunch and evening meal) on weekdays only.
  • 10 meals per week: Two meals a day (breakfast and evening meal) on weekdays only.

If you live in a catered hall the food and service costs are incorporated into your fees. These costs have to be paid for whether you choose to eat every meal or not. ID cards must be presented at all hall meals.

If you cannot attend a meal you can arrange a packed lunch by giving the kitchen 24 hours notice. There is also an option to 'grab and go' with your food.

All meals must be taken in your own hall dining hall except lunch - the flexible lunch option allows you to eat in any of the six catered halls on campus.