Hall rooms and facilities

We provide a number of facilities within our halls of residence to make your time at Loughborough as enjoyable as possible. Find out what you can expect in your halls and rooms when living on campus.

Hall facilities

Common rooms

Each hall has its own hall common room - a space to socialise, relax and meet other students from your hall. The facilities in each common room will vary from hall to hall and are dependent on your hall committee. Use of common rooms is governed by a code of conduct, administered by the Hall Warden.

Wi-Fi and networking

Loughborough University provides a secure connection to the wireless and wired network. Eduroam is the campus wireless network that provides fast and convenient access to University resources and internet using your own laptop, tablet or mobile device.

HallNet is the wired service in University accommodation. The wired connection provides faster internet speeds and greater reliability and is highly recommended for when using your computer, games console or smart TV. Free Ethernet cables can be collected from the PC Clinic in the library.


All our halls offer a laundrette facility for washing and drying clothes (not included in hall fees). Washing machines are operated using a mobile app service, so there's no need to worry about finding change.

Mailroom and parcels

You can arrange for post and parcels to be delivered to you while you're living on campus. Letter post is delivered directly to your halls of residence while parcels can be collected from the campus mailroom in the Herbert Manzoni Building on the centre of campus.

Quiet flats

A number of flats in some halls have been designated as ‘quiet flats’. An increasing number of students each year request these and anyone living in a quiet flat would be required to cooperate. Noise must be restricted between 11pm and 8am. Please note that there may still be some environmental noise from surrounding flats or external areas.

Quiet flats will still be part of the hall community, residents will still be very much involved in every aspect of hall life.

When applying for accommodation, designated rooms will be identified as ‘quiet’ after their room type description.

Student wellbeing and inclusivity

The University is committed to ensuring that students with a disability, including those with long term physical and mental health conditions, receive the support they need to succeed. This covers all areas of University life, including accommodation.

If you have any long term health or mental health conditions, which may affect your choice of accommodation applicants should use the Disability and Health Portal when prompted to enable us to review your requirements. Students with specific accommodation requirements who have chosen Loughborough as their firm choice have the opportunity to make an early booking for accommodation prior to exam results.