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What is a shared mailbox?

A shared mailbox is a mailbox account that multiple users can use with an email domain. This will allow users to read and send email, have access to a calendar and create contacts.

Shared Mailboxes cannot be created with a user part (before the @ symbol) that matches an existing. Mailboxes will be created overnight and will automatically appear in Outlook the following day within an hour of starting Outlook

Each Shared Mailbox has an assigned Managers group who control which users have access to the Read-Only and Read-Write groups. Managers will need to add themselves to either group to view the account. Please visit Modifying group membership using Outlook for instructions on how to do this.

  • Read-Only group can read items within the Shared Mailbox
  • Read-Write group can read, delete, create, and send emails/calendar items/contacts and so on from the Shared Mailbox.

To add a Shared Mailbox to Outlook, assuming you have permission to do so, follow the instructions for Setting up Additional Accounts. Retention Policies are used to automatically delete email stored in mailbox folders and by default, no Retention Policy is applied.

Requesting a Shared Mailbox

Requests for a Shared Mailbox will be available via a self-service form which will require you to provide the following information:

    • Name of the new shared mailbox to be created
    • First person managing new shared mailbox
    • Description of what the shared mailbox is for
    • Tick if this is replacing a manually registered account
    • Email address of the account to be replaced
    • Do you still need to receive email sent to the existing email address, as receive only, to the new Shared Mailbox?
    • I have discussed this with my Ops Manager/Head of Service, and they have approved it
    • Email Address of Ops Manager/Head of Service

Responsibilities and Duties of a shared mailbox manager

Once the Shared Mailbox is no longer required (and you're sure you've archived the important items within it somewhere else!) a manager should request deletion via the IT Service Desk. Please note there is a 28-day limit to carry out this recovery after deletion. Once this period has passed, mailboxes cannot be recovered.

    • Clear out old email regularly
    • Ensure that there are at least 2 managers
    • Handling and processing of information
    • Maintain membership of the Shared Mailbox’s associated groups
    • The Shared Mailbox service should not be used as a solution for the storage of information which you are required to retain for legal compliance
    • The following information should not be stored categories of information: Highly Confidential (NHS (medical) data, Export Control data, data covered under the Official Secrets Act)       

Shared Mailbox Retention Policy

In line with the University Information Governance policies and general good email practice the following policy for the management of the Shared Mailbox service has been approved. An automated system will scan the Shared and Role mailboxes once per month and apply the following policy:

Date mailbox last accessed or emailed

Policy Action taken

User action to prevention deletion

Greater than 93 days (~3 months)

Email all mailbox users informing them that mailbox access will be revoked in 31 days if is not used.

Access or email the mailbox.

Greater than 124 days (~4 months)

Revoke all mailbox access and inform all mailbox users.

Request access to the mailbox is restored. 

Access or email the mailbox.

Greater than 334 days (~11 months)

Inform all mailbox users than it will be deleted in a month.

Request access to the mailbox is restored.

Access or email the mailbox.

Greater than 365 days (~12 months)

Delete mailbox and all associated groups and inform all mailbox users.

Request recovery within 30 days of deletion.