Visitors Accounts

Loughborough University offers different ways of providing IT facilities to visitors.

Guest Wi-Fi account

For visitors who only require temporary access to the wireless network (no access to Loughborough email and file storage), please follow the link below:

Temporary IT accounts

Temporary IT accounts are for purposes such as open days, short courses, interviews, conferences and other events requiring short term IT access (less than 30 days). They are issued with email accounts and will have access to Teams and other Microsoft products. They do not have access to Learn.

As there is only a limited number of these accounts available at any one time, if you require a significant number then please contact us in plenty of time.

If you require an ID card for a visitor or need an IT account for someone visiting the university for longer than 30 days, please see the section below.

Visitor accounts

University ID cards and IT accounts can be requested for people visiting the university and are commonly used for commercial partner, contractors, consultants, external examiner, visiting academics, etc. They can be requested for a period of 30 days or longer and are renewed on an annual basis.

Any member of University staff can request a visitor account by clicking on the "Visitor IT Account Request" button below. This will load a self-service page asking for some details about the visitor and the reason for their visit. Completed requests are then automatically forwarded to the relevant School's Operations Manager, Head of Service or their nominee's for approval.

Please note visitor accounts are not suitable for Sponsored Academics/Professors/Visiting Research Fellows and these should be requested via HR academic visitor process Academic visitors guidance | Human Resources | Loughborough University (

Frequently asked questions

How much notice should I give when I request a Temporary Account?

You should give as much notice as possible when requesting a temporary account, but the minimum is 24 hours so that licensing for Microsoft products can be processed. If you request a temporary account for same-day access then creation of an email account and access to Microsoft products cannot be guaranteed.

Do visitor’s IT accounts have the same access as student and staff accounts?

No. Whilst visitor accounts can provide access to Outlook and OneDrive, they do not necessarily provide access to the full range of resources (often due to licensing restrictions) that student and staff accounts do such as Learn, library resources etc.

What do the different types of User IT Access Levels mean?

Please note that visitor IT accounts will not necessarily have access to the same range of services and products as staff and student IT accounts due to licensing.

Staff-like - Access similar to that of a member of staff including email and some University systems. These accounts may have access to Learn, on the understanding that it's for delivering or auditing a course.

Student-like - Access similar to that of a student including email. These accounts will not have access to Learn, as it's a resource for formally enrolled students. If someone does require access to Learn then they should be registered via LUSI student information system.

Login only - Network login credentials only. No email, Microsoft products or access to other university systems. Primarily intended for tenant users.

No access - No IT credentials will be issued. Use this if the Visitor only needs an ID card. Please note, if this option is selected and the Visitor does not require an ID card you will be unable to submit the form as with no ID card and no IT access there is no need to request a visitor account.

A departmental approver is leaving the university, do they need to do anything?

Departmental approvers who are leaving the university should nominate a person to take over the responsibility of approving visitor accounts and should then contact to inform them of the change. When doing so, they can choose to hand over immediately or at a date in future.

A sponsor has left or is leaving and I need to extend my Visitor account, what do I do?

If a sponsor has not yet left the University then they should still be able to extend a Visitor Account.

If a sponsor has already left the University and you have not been informed of who they’ve nominated to approve visitor accounts in their place, then you should contact IT Services at