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What happens when I leave the University?

When you leave the University or cease to be a salaried employee, your access to some University systems will be removed from the date your contract terminates.

However, for most IT services you will receive 30 days grace (Staff, PhD Research Students, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Taught Students) before your main username and password will no longer work and you will be unable to access your email, files stored in your individual workspace, or on Learn.

Files and email will in due course be deleted and no archive will be kept. If you have email or files which should be retained by the University, or if you wish to transfer them outside the University, contact your department IT staff in the first instance.

If you will have a continuing role within the University, the registration policy may allow for your registration to be extended for the duration of this role. In this case contact the IT Service Desk for advice.

If you had to request registration it is your responsibility to let us know when your association with the University ceases.

Details of the University's registration policies are available. This includes information about when accounts expire and how they can be renewed.

When does registration cease?

Approximately 30 days after Staff, PhD Research Students, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students cease to be members of the University as recorded by the human resources (HR) and student systems, their automatically-generated registrations are deactivated on most University systems.

Registration on certain systems with a high level of confidentiality may be deactivated on the day of leaving.

When staff leave for disciplinary reasons etc., IT Services may deactivate registration sooner than normal on request from the relevant Head of Department or Section.

In the case of registrations that have been generated manually (e.g. cases 3, 4, 6, and 8 above) it is the responsibility of the individual or organisation originally requesting registration to let us know when the University involvement ceases for the individual or an organisation. We will make contact periodically to check that the reason for registration still applies.

When you leave the University or cease to be a salaried employee your IT registration, including your e-mail address, is no longer automatically validated by the data feed from the HR system. In the normal course of events, your access to some University systems (for example the Finance System) will be removed from the date that your contract terminates.

When staff or students are removed from our system, the contents of their Individual Workspace are normally deleted after four months, but we reserve the right to delete files immediately after staff or students leave, for operational reasons. Staff, who are leaving, who have information which should be retained by the University, should please contact their department IT staff in the first instance for assistance. Students who expect to return within less than six months to undertake another course (typically an undergraduate anticipating returning as a postgraduate) who need to retain existing files should please contact IT Services' Service Desk to make arrangements.

Under what circumstances can registration be extended?

We can extend staff accounts, generally with approval from the staff member's manager/supervisor . Some restrictions to services may apply in this period. We may turn down such requests on the advice of your department.

If your registration is due to expire while you are between contracts, please contact the Service Desk to discuss a temporary extension.

If your registration would expire while you are between two courses at the University (e.g. undergraduate and postgraduate), we will normally extend your account for the intervening period. For operational reasons we may have to give you a new account and / or e-mail address when your new course starts.

If you retire from employment at the University, but still have a role within the University, we can extend your account, with confirmation from your Manager as in case 4 above. Please note that the facilities are provided in this case for your role in the University only. You should make alternative arrangements for IT facilities for any paid employment outside the University, and for personal use.

Are usernames and email addresses always linked to individual people?

Options are available for setting up non-standard user accounts - i.e. IT user registration and associated e-mail addresses that are not directly linked to individual people, and there is a form available for this. But such registrations are the exception rather than the norm as they demand additional resources and generate extra risks. Clear justification is needed to set them up, and those requesting them are required to ensure they are used securely and in accordance with University policies.

How are users added to department email lists?

Staff are normally added automatically to their department's e-mail list from the University H.R. system, but there are cases when this does not happen automatically. For example:

  • If staff are registered via User Account request for staff with a University Role.
  • If staff are employed by more than one department. A limitation of the registration system at present means that for IT registration purposes they are processed as belonging to one department only.

On request, such staff can be added to department mailing lists. Requests should be made to IT Services staff will check the H.R. system to see if the staff member is registered as an employee of the department for which access is requested. If this is not the case, the request will be referred for authorisation to the Head of Department, who will also be asked to notify IT Services if in future the access needs to be withdrawn. IT Services reserves the right to periodically contact departments to confirm that such manually added access rights are still applicable.

Who is eligible for registration, and how is this achieved?

  1. Employees of the University, paid on the monthly payroll, four-weekly payrolls or working as University Teachers, are registered automatically when their personnel records are set up. Your username and password will be available from the IT Services' Service Desk, telephone 222333, or your department IT staff within 2 days of the record being set up by Personnel, normally available to you from the day you start or shortly before.
  2. Students of the University are registered automatically for IT services upon registration as a student. For courses starting at the start of the academic year, usernames and passwords are distributed from IT Services to named password contacts in department. For courses starting at other times, it is the responsibility of the departmental or course administrator to contact IT Services for these. Your username and password will therefore be available from your department when you start at the University. Apart from the first few weeks of the academic year, these can also be obtained from the IT Services' Service Desk, telephone 222333. The University Library also deals with username and password queries.
  3. Staff who are paid for their work at the University via the claims payroll, (excluding University Teachers), or contract staff. Are required to email IT Services to request a user account (University staff role), whereby the user abides by the acceptable use policy.
  4. People working in the capacity of staff of the University, who are not paid by the University. For example visiting lecturers (including those paid by another educational institution), honorary staff, retired staff who are still research active. Lay members of council are included in this category. In most cases you will be known to Personnel Services and have a staff number, and be registered automatically. In accepting an honorary or visiting position with the University you agree that you will abide by the acceptable use policy and that you will only use the facilities in conjunction with your role for the University. If you are not known to Personnel Services, please email IT Services to request a user account (University staff role).
  5. People working for the following wholly owned companies of the University where the staff are paid via the University payroll: Imago Ltd; Cascaid Ltd; Loughborough University (Short Course Centre) Ltd (Burleigh Court); OCNSEM Ltd; Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd; Loughborough Innovation Centre Ltd. A £300 charge per person per annum is payable. In some cases the registration process is automated as for 1 above, this could also be done for others if required. The charge covers the services listed above including use of the University network. An invoice will be raised by IT Services at the start of August each year for the number of staff registered for IT services at the time.

What charges are payable?

  1. Employees of organisations whose work is associated with the University, for instance, spin-out companies and sports bodies located on campus. A £300 charge per person per annum is payable. For charging purposes, the year runs from 1 August to 31 July. Pro-rata charges apply in the first year. Organisations will be invoiced at the start of August for the coming year in respect of any employees registered on that date. Some of the services listed above, including access to the library electronic information services, will be unavailable to you, as they are restricted for reasons of licensing, confidentiality and practicality. The charge includes the use of the University network where applicable. There is no reduction to the charge if you require registration, but the University network is not used. Registration will provide e-mail addresses of the form a.person@domain (if there is a domain registered) or otherwise. Activities that may be carried out from e-mail addresses of the form should be limited to direct University business. For this reason, we will normally require organisations to register a domain, so that we can provide e-mail addresses of the form You will need to contact to request a User Account whereby the user abides by the acceptable use policy and will respect the confidentiality of any University materials you have access to. This form should be countersigned by the person authorised to do so for that organisation.
  2. Those attending conferences or short courses of an educational or research nature at the University up to 14 days duration. A charge of £12.50 is payable via the conference organisers. Registration allows login to PCs in open access Computing areas including use of the Internet. No other services are specifically provided, although some may be available on request. To request a User Account, please email Account users abide by the acceptable use policy.
  3. Students of other educational establishments and sporting organisations will occasionally be registered. Restrictions to the services listed above may apply.To request a User Account, please email Account users abide by the acceptable use policy. Arrangements for classes or cohorts of students (where a course is being jointly provided) should be made via lecturing staff of the home institution and in agreement with the Academic Registry. Individual students requesting access may make a case for registration for a single vacation period or semester. A letter from your home organisation will normally be required in support of the arrangement, unless the request is covered by a regional or national agreed reciprocal arrangement.