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Off Campus Access (VPN)

Instructions for iPad/iPhone

The latest Cisco AnyConnect version is supported on all iOS devices running iOS version 10.0 or later. If you are unable to update to this iOS versions, you can continue to access the legacy v4.0 AnyConnect client. 

All screenshots and instructions below are from an iPhone and will be the same on an iPod Touch, while the steps for use on the iPad are very similar but some buttons or options may be in slightly different positions.

To connect to the VPN you will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For details on how to enrol your mobile device with Duo Mobile app, please visit

1 Phone screen image: Info.


Open the App Store and Select Search.

Find and select Cisco AnyConnect. Install app. 

Note: Cisco have recently released a new version of their client and called it Cisco AnyConnect (new), renaming the old version of the client to Cisco Legacy AnyConnect. We reccommend users install the new version of the client and more information can be found in the FAQ section linked to on the left.

2 Phone screen image: Do you want to enable this software?

Enable VPN

The first time you launch the application it will request your permission to enable the VPN features in your device. Please choose OK in the pop up box.


Add VPN Connection

You will now be presented with the Cisco AnyConnect home screen. If you have not already installed the automatic configuration profile then tap "No Connections" to add a new connection.


Enter Server Address

You will now be prompted to enter the server address details. Type in Lboro VPN into the Description box and into the Server Address box, then click Save in the top right hand corner of the box.


Authentication screen

On the AnyConnect home screen, slide the AnyConnect VPN option to ON.

In the pop up box, enter your Lboro username and password. This will be required each time you connect to the Loughborough University VPN

  • Username: Your Lboro username without the
  • Password: Your Lboro password 

Select Connect in the top right hand corner of the box. 

After submitting your credentials, the AnyConnect client will pause, and a notification should pop up on your phone asking you to approve or deny the connection.


Approve MFA request

 'Approve' the MFA request on the Duo app and the VPN client should continue to connect.


You are now Connected!

You are now connected to the Loughborough University VPN, which is displayed as Lboro VPN. You can verify this by locating the VPN icon at the top of your screen.

To escape this screen, simply press the home button on your device to access other applications.


How to Disconnect & Reconnect!

To disconnect from VPN, simply click on the AnyConnect icon on your home screen and slide the AnyConnect VPN option to the OFF position, press the home button to escape the application.