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IT User Account

Your IT User Account

Students at Loughborough University are automatically registered for a range of IT Services. Students can obtain their credentials here.

The credentials you will receive are as follows:

Credential formatWhat is it used for?
Single Sign-on Username & Password This will provide you with access to almost all services. It consists of your department/school codes and your own initials (and maybe a number): e.g. itfms1
Emal Address  This will be in this format: When you enter this, you will be asked for your single sign-on credentials (outlined above)
Student ID Number Is your Student Number; e.g. B123456. You will need this when anyone requests your student details.

What is Single Sign-on?

Single Sign-on refers to the one username and password combination required to access most of the services provided by the University including:

  • LEARN, the Virtual Learning Environment for access to module information and downloadable software
  • Student timetable
  • myLboro mobile application
  • Campus PCs
  • Email system (MS Outlook) - you will also need your email address; e.g.
  • Student Self Service - to edit your student record
  • Library account
  • Printing & printing credits account
  • Exam results

If you lose any of these details, contact the IT Service Desk on 01509 222333