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Corporate Apps

The University's corporate applications are available to members of the public, staff and students. They hold a wide range of corporate information in a number of integrated systems. The main applications are listed below. Access to many of these is via: 

The CIS PortalProviding a first class, best value, information service to support learning, teaching, research and the management of the University.

Corporate Information Systems

Alumni (Raisers Edge)

The Raisers Edge system is used by the Alumni Office to access contact information for past students and benefactors.

Email & Services (Office365)

Loughborough University offers Office365 as the student email system. In addition to Outlook email, Office 365 provides students with file storage and
collaboration tools.

Office365 Email

Office365 OneDrive

Email Lists

There are a wide variety of mailing lists available to staff and students on campus. These mailing lists are maintained on a daily basis and hence should contain up to date information.

MajorDomo Mailing Lists

Library Catalogue (VuFind)

The Library catalogue is a discovery solution allowing users to search across numerous Library resources including; physical stock, IR content, subscription based and free online e-journals, e-books and databases.

Library Catalogue Plus

Library Management System (Koha)

The Library Management System manages the acquisition and cataloguing of physical and electronic resources, and controls the circulation of physical stock.

Koha Library Management System

Room Booking System (WUBS)

The Room Booking System enables students and staff to reserve group study rooms, study carrels, bookable booths and other Library resources.

Room Booking System

Timetabling (CMIS)

The University uses a central timetabling system, CMIS from supplier Advanced Learning. The system provides functionality for timetabling pool and locally-managed rooms, and for examination scheduling. The timetables produced are available to both staff and students.

Student Timetables

Staff Timetables

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is used for web conferencing.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

BoB is a service for teaching and learning providing staff and students access to a vast archive of online recordings of TV and radio programmes. You can play a complete programme (or a clip / playlist you have created) safe in the knowledge that there are no copyright issues.

Bristol Online Surveys

The Bristol Online Survey (BOS) lets you design, run and analyse questionnaires over the web. It is hosted and run by ILRT at the University of Bristol, and was developed to run the Careers in Research Online Survey benchmarking project across UK HE in
2001. BOS is now used by over 300 organisations, and Loughborough University has an annually-renewed campus-wide license.


Camtasia is software used for creating narrated screen recordings.


CASPA is the Coursework and Assessment Scheduler for Programme Administration developed by CEDE. It is used by academic staff and administrators, to allow students to record their submissions of physical items of coursework and to allow staff to schedule all types of programme assessments. The system allows staff to schedule different types of assessment including physical, virtual, performance, examination, laboratory,
workshop etc.



Co-Tutor is a Student & Staff Relationship Management (SSRM) system developed by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE) at Loughborough University. It is used by academic staff and administrators at Loughborough University to communicate with and manage personal tutees, project students, industrial placement activities, postgraduate research supervision and course cohorts.


GradeMark is the online marking tool that comes with the TurnItIn suite. Any document which has been submitted to TurnItIn’s Originality Checking via the TurnItIn Assignment activity on Learn can be marked using GradeMark. Students can access the marked-up coursework and marks are automatically stored on Learn.


The University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), known as Learn, provides students with access to learning resources for their modules and programmes, as well as access to other related learning material. Academic (and related staff) are the main creators of these resources.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

Optical mark recognition (OMR) is a well-established means for automating the capture of paper-based data. OMR provides an opportunity to reduce workload for diagnostic, formative or summative assessment. Students fill in pre-printed forms, making a mark which an optical scanner will capture and interpret. OMR is particularly useful in assessing large student numbers.


ProjectList is an online project and dissertation allocation system for undergraduate and postgraduate students. One of the Tutor tools, it was developed by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE).

Reading List Management System (LORLS)

The Reading List Management System enables students to access online reading lists and easily check availability of recommended resources. It allows appropriate staff to create and maintain reading lists, and feed into the acquisition processes to support the Library’s collection management.



ReVIEW is the automated lecture capture system that is built in to a number of teaching rooms across campus. The service is available in any teaching room on campus, with the ‘fixed’ installations being supplemented by software-only versions which can be used everywhere. ReVIEW is based on the widely-used Panopto system.


Turnitin is a web-based tool which allows users to check their text against a wide range of web sources. It does NOT detect plagiarism – it simply matches text, so if it has been correctly cited, matching text is not plagiarised. Nevertheless, it is quick and simple to use and is valuable as a primary filter.


WebPA is an online peer assessment system, or more specifically, a peer-moderated marking system. It is designed for teams of students doing group-work, the outcome of which earns an overall group mark. Each student in a group grades their team-mates (and their own) performance, which is then used with the overall group mark to provide each student with an individual grade, reflecting their contribution to the group. One of the Tutor tools, it was developed by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE).


Agresso Costing and Pricing

Agresso Costing and Pricing is used for managing the costings of research projects. Please refer to the Finance section below for further details and guidance.

Loughborough Data Repository

This service supports the deposit and storage of Research Data. In large part, this is to meet the RCUK (Research Council UK) requirement that research data should be made publically available.


LUPIN (Loughborough University Publication Information system) is a database of current and historic research outputs published by Loughborough University authors. It integrates fully with the Institutional Repository, so provides a single entry point for publications information at the University.

  • LUPINAccess to the LUPIN system.
  • LUPIN FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions can be found within the Quick Start guides once you have logged in.

Student Information

Careers (Target Connect)

TARGETConnect is a hosted software solution provided by GTI used by the Careers and Employability Centre. It provides appointment, task, event, opportunity, bulk e-mail, CV and recruitment management services via a web interface.



LUSI is the in-house-developed Loughborough University student information system. The system includes functionality to manage programmes and modules, and students from admissions, through registration, progression and graduation. Reporting facilities are provided, as well as various extracts and database views for integration with other University systems.

Student Accommodation (Kx)

Kx (Kinetic Solutions) is the University's accommodation management system which supports Campus Living. This system provides the necessary interfaces between Kx, the University's student administration facilities within LUSI, and the University's financial management system, Agresso. The system is also used by imago Ltd to manage conferences, events and hotel and restaurant table booking.

Student CRM (Achiever)

The Student CRM, Achiever, is used to manage the relationship with prospective students and applicants and includes functionality to support enquiry, communications and event management.


Human Resources

Business Objects

Business Objects is a management reporting tool used to report on Human Resources data held within Trent.


iTrent is the University’s human resource (HR), payroll and personnel systems. Staff information from iTrent is used to manage user access to many of the corporate system applications.



Agresso is the University's corporate finance system, which covers all of the main accounting functions including payments, invoicing and internal transfer journals, and purchase card processing.

Finance Office

Frequently Asked Questions



ALBACS is used for electronic transfer of money between bank accounts using BACS facilities.

Facilities Management

Access Control (Symmetry)

Access Control (Esi and Symmetry) develops and supports, for the Facilities Management department, the Space Management system (Archibus from Exitech) and the Estates Management Information system (ESMI, an in-house Oracle system).

The Symmetry system is a bought-in package from supplier G4S. This service develops and supports the University's access control systems which are used to control vehicle access to campus, and personal access to buildings and rooms. This service is used by staff and students and some visitors, contractors, and tenants via a unique University ID swipe-card.
These ID swipe cards are also produced using the Symmetry system, and hold student meal plan information via the Metro-card system.

Requests for changes to Access Control (such as building/room access via ID card) should be requested through

Space and Estate Managment

Space(Archibus) and Estate Management(Esmi) the Space Management system (Archibus from Exitech) and the Estates Management Information system (ESMI, an in-house Oracle system). These include functions for building code management, management of jobs (planned maintenance and reactive) in Facilities Management and management of car parking for staff and students.

Estate Management(Esmi)


Wallchart is used as a central room booking system.


Marketing and Communications


Imagebank stores a wide range of photographic images of the University, primarily for use in marketing and publicity material and on web sites.  



Tharsterns is used for print estimating and costing.

Web Content Management System (Site Manager)

Terminal Four’s Site Manager web content management system is used to manage the content on the University web site.