Facilities Management

Access Control

The Symmetry system is a bought-in package from supplier G4S. This service develops and supports the University's access control systems which are used to control vehicle access to campus, and personal access to buildings and rooms. This service is used by staff and students and some visitors, contractors, and tenants via a unique University ID swipe-card.

Requests for changes to Access Control (such as building/room access via ID card) should be requested through the Campus card desk.

Campus card desk


The Archibus System has the following modules implemented:

  • Reactive Maintenance (On Demand)
  • Asset Management
  • Space Management
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Compliance

Application support for this system is provided by Service Works Global (SWG). Any building related issues are emailed through to the FM Helpdesk unless the user has access to raise tickets.

FM help desk

Car Parking

The Parking and Enforcement System enables users (staff, campus partners, and students) to register their vehicles and set themselves up to park across all University car parks.

Changes to vehicle registration and payments methods can be actioned by logging into the parking portal via using your Microsoft 365 username and password. You may be requested to approve your connection via MFA (Duo mobile app), if you are student or staff.

For FAQ’s and additional information please refer to: Parking | Estates and Facilities Management | Loughborough University (lboro.ac.uk)

Parking Portal Parking queries

Student Accommodation (Kx)

Kx is a suite of applications that provide management of student accommodation, events, catering and parcels. The systems interface with LUSI, the University’s student information system and Agresso, the University's financial management system.

Student Accommodation (Kx)