How to connect my Linux device to the wired network in Halls

The following guide has been written using Ubuntu 20.04, and is provided on a "best efforts" basis only. Other Linux distributions will differ slightly in the location of the Applications.

These steps will guide you through configuring your device to use the network in your hall. If you have any problems connecting, please contact the IT Services help desk.

There are three stages to connecting to the wired network service:

Step 1: Network (Set-up networking on your device)
Step 2: Update (Update your operating system)
Step 3: Register (Registering your device)

Plug in network cable

Connect the Ethernet cable to your device and the socket on the wall in your room. If your room has two, then generally it’s the left-hand socket.

Network Settings

The default network settings are likely to be correct, but we would suggest going to your Network Connections, selecting the ethernet (usually called eth0) and choose edit.

Set Ipv4 connection settings

Ensure the Ipv4 connection method is set to Automatic (DHCP).

Update your Operating System

To help prevent your computer becoming infected with malware and viruses, you need to keep both the system up to date as well as your Anti-virus.

Updates – Open the "Software Updater" and run any available updates. Alternatively, open a terminal and enter the following command to check for updates sudo apt update

Antivirus – Please ensure you have an up to date Anti-virus package installed.

Register your device

Register with Cloudpath for your wired connection using the link below. You must register each device you connect.


Find your MAC Address

Alternatively, manual registration can be completed by connecting to the network in your room, opening your web browser and following the instructions.

To find your MAC Address you will need to do the following:

  • Open the Activities overview and start typing Network
  • Click on Network to open the panel
  • Choose Wired from the left pane
  • The MAC address for the wired device will be displayed as the Hardware Address on the right

Once you have your MAC Address, you must now register it using the link below.

MAC Address Registration