Media, Memory and History

A fast-growing area of expertise at Loughborough which provides a shared focus of research for scholars across the social sciences and humanities.

Media play a central role in human engagement with the passage of time in public and private life. Our work examines both the historical evolution of communication and the involvement of the media in shaping our experience of the past, present and future. Our researchers work on various aspects of media and communication history, mediated memory, and the relationship between media and time.

  • Media and cultural history from early modern to contemporary periods – book cultures, television, advertising, media and war, popular music, media events, digital media, transnational information networks, audience histories;
  • Individual and collective memory, psychological and sociological dynamics of remembering; cultural practices of representing, communication and transmission of memory; transnational remembering and migrant memories; memory, heritage and tourism; post-socialist memory and nostalgia; Holocaust memory and media;
  • The role of communication technologies in shaping perceptions of time; modern media and the temporal organisation of social practices and routines; media rituals;
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of media and change over time.

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