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In this section you will find contact details and information regarding all members of staff affiliated with Mathematical Sciences.

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Professor Alexander Veselov is the Head of the Mathematical Sciences Department.  

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Professor Tapio Ala-Nissila

Professor in Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

+44 (0)1509 228655

Schofield Building SCH.2.03

Professor Andrew Archer

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Dr Wael Bahsoun

Reader in Mathematics

Dr Ricardo Barros

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Dr Alexey Bolsinov

Reader in Mathematics

Dr Matteo Casati

Visiting Researcher

Schofield Building Sch.0.03

Dr Fabien Cléry

Research Associate

Meredith Coney

Learning and Teaching Manager

Dr Thibault Congy

Research Associate

SCH.1.20 (Schofield)

Dr Drew Duffield

Research Associate

SCH.0.16 (Schofield)

Dr Jonathan Eckhardt

Senior Lecturer

Office: SCH.1.20

Dr Liana Heuberger

Research Associate

SCH.0.09 Schofield Building

Dr Eugénie Hunsicker

Director of Equality and Diversity, School of Science; Senior Lecturer

Funmike Ifie

Academic Librarian for Mathematical Sciences and Physics

+44(0)1509 222399

Office: Located in Pilkington Library, Academic Services Team

Dr Karima Khusnutdinova

Reader in Applied Mathematics

Dr Vincent Knibbeler

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Professor Edgar Knobloch

Visiting Professor

UC Berkeley

Dr Achilleas Lazarides

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

SCH.1.28 Schofield Building

Professor Chris Linton

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Dr Adam Lloyd

Research Associate

Office: SCH.0.03

Dr Marco Mazza

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

+44 (0)1509 22 3196

Office: SCH.1.26 Schofield Building

Professor Phil McIver

Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr Simone Michele

Royal Society Research Fellow

Professor Anatoly Neishtadt

Professor of Applied Mathematics

+44 (0)1509 22 3092

Schofield Building, room SCH.1.06

Dr Elisa Postinghel

Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr Daniel Ratliff

Research Associate

Dr Marks Ruziboev

Research Associate

Dr Jalal Sarabadani

Research Associate

Dr Alberto Scacchi

Visiting Research Fellow

SCH.0.02 Schofield Building

+44 (0)1509 22 3197

Office: SCH.1.25 Schofield Building

Dr Hideyasu Shimadzu

Lecturer in Statistics

Professor Roger Smith

Professor of Mathematical Engineering

Dr Alan Thompson

Lecturer in Algebraic Geometry

Dr Gyula Toth

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Dr Matthew Tranter

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Brian Winn

Senior Lecturer

Professor Huaizhong Zhao

Professor of Mathematics

Dr Diwei Zhou

Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Ying Zhou

Research Associate

Schofield Building, SCH.0.03