• February 2020 – present: Senior Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University.
  • February 2015 – January 2020: Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University.
  • August 2012 – January 2015: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Statistics, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, University of Brighton.
  • September 2009 — July 2012: Lecturer in Statistics, School of Technology, University of Wolverhampton.
  • September 2006 — August 2009: PhD (funded by a Marie Curie research fellowship), School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham.

Research areas

  • Statistics for medical image analysis and chemical imaging
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Computational statistics
  • Medical statistics


  • £60K. PI. Development of a software tool for musculoskeletal diffusion tensor image analysis, funded by the High Education Innovation Fund and EPSRC IAA. (2019- 2020)
  • £70K. Co-I, Data Driven Analytic and Statistical Modelling, An industry sponsored research project. (2019- 2022)
  • £5K. PI. Development of Non-Euclidean Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis Software, funded by EPSRC IAA. (2017)
  • £2K. Co-I. Detection and Identification of Nanoplastics using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, funded by EPSRC through NanoPrime scheme. (2018)
  • £4.5K. PI. Statistical analysis of thermal thresholds detection, funded by GB Electronics (UK). (2014)

PGR examinations

  1. Arif Reza Anwary, Statistical Shape Analysis for the Human Back, University of Wolverhampton, 2012
  2. Qamar Natsheh, Securing DICOM Images through Automatic Selective Encryption, Loughborough University, 2019
  3. Hanaa Fathi Mahmood, Text Detection and Recognition from Natural Images, Loughborough University, 2020
  • Programme director - Mathematics with Statistics (BSc Hons)
  • Programme director - Mathematics and Sport Science (BSc Hons)
  • MAC170 Medical Statistics, Module leader
  • Statistics advisor, Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University
  • Chair of Royal Statistical Society East Midlands Group
  • Member of Royal Statistical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA UK)
  • Member of London Mathematical Society

Current PhD students:

  • Stefan Calvert (Sept 2019 - present), Data-Driven Analytical and Statistical Modelling (Sept 2019 - present). Co-Supervisor. Principal supervisor: Prof. Steven Kenny.

Completed PhD projects:

  • Lei Ye (Jan 2017 – June 2021). Thesis: Computational Statistics for Brain and Muscle Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis.
  • Khawla Mahmood (Oct 2014 – Nov 2018). Thesis: Statistical Analysis for Decomposed Multivariate Time Series Data with an application to Water Discharge Forecasting.
  • Safa Elsheikh (Oct 2013 – June 2018). Thesis: Computational Statistics for Human Brain Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis.
  • Jiajia Yan (Feb 2012 – Nov 2016). Thesis: Statistical Analysis on Diffusion Tensor Estimation.


  • Safa Elsheikh (Oct 2019 - Nov 2020). Musculoskeletal Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis