I am a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematical Modelling Group within the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University.

Before July 2002, I spent nearly nine years at the University of Nottingham in the Division of Theoretical Mechanics as a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Temporary Lecturer and PhD student. Prior to this I gained an MSc in, what was, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis at the University of Oxford and earned my first degree at the University of Southampton.

My research interests are in the application of mathematical modelling to problems in biology and medicine.

My current focus include the modelling of various aspects of bacterial infection and therapy (including biofilm formation and development, swarming and quorum sensing), wound healing, immunological response to infections and irritants, liver toxicology and drug testing, foot and mouth disease virus, tumour growth and therapy and the invasive spread of Japanese knotweed.

Lecturer: Mathematical Biology (MAC297), Mathematics for Materials 1 (MAA109).