• 2001 - present: Research Associate, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader in Applied Mathematics, Loughborough University
  • 1996 - 1997: DAAD Research Fellow, Arbeitsgruppe “Nichtklassische Strahlung”, Max Plank Society and Humboldt University. 
  • 1992 - 2001: Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics, Bashkir State University.
  • 1995: PhD, Dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.


My main research interests include fluid and solid mechanics, nonlinear waves, and applied integrable systems. Much of my work involves developing new analytical and numerical approaches to analyse nonlinear PDEs. I collaborate with physicists and engineers conducting experimental research.

Sample of recent publications

  1. D. Tseluiko, N.S. Alharthi, R. Barros, K.R. Khusnutdinova, Internal ring waves in a three-layer fluid on a current with a constant vertical shear, Nonlinearity 36 (2023) 3431-3466
  2. K. Khusnutdinova, S. Gavrilyuk, L. Ostrovsky, Editorial. Nonlinear dispersive waves in fluids and solids, Wave Motion 118 (2023) 103123. 
  3. K.R. Khusnutdinova and M.R. Tranter, Periodic solutions of coupled Boussinesq equations and Ostrovsky-type models free from zero-mass contradiction, Chaos 32 (2022) 113132. 
  4. C.G. Hooper, P.D. Ruiz, J.M. Huntley, K.R. Khusnutdinova, Undular bores generated by fracture, Phys. Rev. E 104 (2021) 044207.
  5. C. Hooper, K. Khusnutdinova, R. Grimshaw, Wavefronts and modal structure of long surface and internal ring waves on a parallel shear current, J. Fluid Mech. 927 (2021) A37. 


  • MAB250 ODEs and Calculus of Variations
  • MAC251 Vibrations and Waves
  • MAD202 Nonlinear Waves (1/2)


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Curtis Hooper (2021-2022) 
  • Dr Alexey Zakharov (2006-2008) 

PhD students and completion year

  • Mr Korsarun Nirunwiroji (current) Principal supervisor
  • Mr Ben Martin (current) Principal supervisor
  • Mr Jacob Vizor (current) Principal supervisor
  • Mr Nerijus Sidorovas (current) Principal supervisor
  • Dr Liam Baddeley (2023) Co-supervisor
  • Dr Curtis Hooper (2021) Co-supervisor
  • Dr Noura Alharthi (2020) Principal supervisor
  • Dr Matthew Tranter (2018) Sole supervisor
  • Dr Xizheng Zhang (2015) Sole supervisor
  • Dr Azwani Alias (2014) Co-supervisor
  • Dr Kieron Moore (2013) Sole supervisor
  • Dr Lenos Hadjikos (2009) Co-supervisor
  • Dr David Marshall (2008) Co-supervisor