From 2019-2023, Jason was a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the University of Leicester. From 2013-2019, he was a Heilbronn Fellow, first at the University of Bristol and then at the University of Leicester. Jason completed his DPhil in 2013 at the University of Oxford under the supervision of David Craven and Michael Collins.

Jason is interested in interactions between algebraic geometry/topology, group theory, representation theory and combinatorics. Currently he is interested in applying homotopy theory to develop an analogue of Deligne—Luzstig theory for spetses and related structures.

  • EPSRC Pure Mathematics Community Workshop Participant
  • London Mathematical Society (LMS) Member
  • LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary Advisory Board Member
  • MathSciNet Reviewer (12 reviews completed to date)
  • Referee for journals including the Duke Mathematical Journal, the Journal of Algebra and Number Theory and the Journal of Algebra
  • Weight conjectures for $\ell$-compact groups and spetses arXiv: 2008.07213 (joint with Radha Kessar and Gunter Malle)
  • The principal block of a $\ZZ_\ell$-spets and Yokonuma type algebras, Algebra Number Theory (to appear) (joint with Radha Kessar and Gunter Malle)
  • Algorithms for fusion systems with applications to $p$ -groups of small order (joint with Chris Parker) J. Math. Comp. (2021)
  • Weight conjectures for fusion systems Adv. Math. 357 (2019), 1-40 (joint with Radha Kessar, Markus Linckelmann and Justin Lynd)
  • Reduced fusion systems over $p$-groups with abelian subgroup of index $p$: II Adv. Math 322 (2017), 201-268 (joint with David Craven and Bob Oliver)
  • Conway's groupoid and its relatives Contemporary Mathematics Volume 694, 2017 in honour of John H. Conway (joint with Nick Gill, Neil Gillespie and Cheryl Praeger)
  • Tournaments, 4-uniform hypergraphs, and an exact extremal result J. Comb. Theory, Series B, 126 (2017) 114-136 (joint with Karen Gunderson).