Research undertaken in the Department of Mathematical Sciences spans across a wide range of key themes within Science and Technology. Our cutting-edge research uncovers both impactful and exciting outcomes that apply to many aspects of the modern world.

The mathematical sciences often form an 'unseen' part of our everyday lives, yet they underpin many aspects of the modern world. Mathematics is a key driver in advancing many areas within Science and Technology, making continued research in mathematics both impactful and exciting.

100% of research impact rated ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’

(REF 2021)

Collaborations around the world

The researchers in the Department of Mathematical Sciences collaborate with mathematicians, scientists, and industry partners from around the globe to deliver top quality research.

Our strength in research is reflected in the latest Research Excellence Framework results (REF, 2021), where 100% of the Department’s research impact rated ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

Research students within the department enjoy a vibrant community to learn in and benefit from a range of resources to support their work. They also have the opportunity to undertake training in lecturing and tutoring.

Our research includes

Storm force

Storm surge early warning system. Researchers are learning more about storm surges.

Mirror partners

Dr Alan Thompson works on mirror symmetry, which is a branch of algebraic geometry. At the heart of mirror symmetry lies the observation that many geometric objects seem to come in pairs, called "mirror partners".

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