Mathematical Sciences


The principles of mathematical science often form 'unseen' parts of our everyday lives and apply to many aspects of the modern world. Mathematics is a key driver in advancing many areas within Science and Technology, making continued research both impactful and exciting.

The Department works to deliver innovative research that has the potential to have significant impact on industry. Over 30 members of academic staff work across a variety of research interests in both pure and applied mathematics, to develop new ways of thinking and learning, and continually strengthen research within the department.

The Department’s strength in research excellence is reflected in the latest Research Excellence Framework results (2014) where 87% of the Department’s research was classed as internationally recognised and 10% as world-leading.

Research students within the department enjoy a vibrant community to learn in and also benefit from a range of resources to support their work as well as the opportunity to undertake training in lecturing and tutoring. 

Centre for Nonlinear Mathematics and Applications

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has developed a centre to support and enhance research activities in nonlinear phenomena. For more information click below.