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Car usage and parking

Car usage and parking

You don’t really need to have a vehicle in Loughborough and you are strongly advised not to bring one. Car parking space both on and off campus is severely limited and restrictions apply. The following additional guidance is particularly important to note:

  • The University operates a compulsory car registration scheme for student cars. Any student who wishes to use a motor vehicle in Loughborough during the course of their studies must register their vehicle(s) with the University (during the registration process) regardless of whether they intend to bring the vehicle(s) onto campus. Failure to register a motor vehicle may lead to penalties being imposed under the University's disciplinary procedures. 
  • There is controlled access to the campus and unregistered vehicles are not able to enter.
  • All drivers on campus are subject to Ordinance XXIII and to the Code of Conduct on Traffic and Parking in the University.
  • Traffic Infringement Notices are issued to drivers and vehicles who do not comply with Ordinance XXIII or the Code of conduct on Traffic and Parking in the University.
  • All applications for permits are made via our ParkIt site - find out more through our Traffic and Parking pages.
  • Students unable to obtain a parking permit have, in the past, taken to parking their vehicles in roads near to the campus much to the annoyance of local residents. Senior officers of the University do not condone such indiscriminate parking. The Local Authority has banned parking on all roads immediately adjacent to the University campus unless you are a resident in one of those houses. You may be liable to disciplinary action if you ignore these restrictions.
  • Parking permits are not issued to first year undergraduates in hall, except in the case of physical disability or a medical condition which seriously affects their mobility.
  • Additionally, no resident of John Phillips, Hazelrigg/Rutland, Robert Bakewell, or Elvyn Richards (new hall), or William Morris halls of residence, may bring a motor vehicle to the Loughborough area without first having guaranteed that an off-street parking space is available. This does not preclude a student from bringing such a motor vehicle at the beginning or end of term for the purpose of delivering or collecting personal belongings.
  • No student, including postgraduates (with the exception of research students), residing in an area with an LE11 postcode are eligible for a full parking permit. However they may be issued with an evening and weekend permit.
  • The Local Authority also operates Residents Preferential Parking Schemes (two permits per house only) in some residential areas close to the University. Local Authority Parking Attendants are now patrolling these areas and you are likely to get a parking ticket if you do not have a permit or ignore local traffic restrictions such as yellow lines etc.

Important Note:

Student vehicle registration data as outlined above will be used by the University for the following purposes:

  • For the investigation of student discipline offences, and specifically to ensure that students do not park illegally in the residential areas signed 'No University Parking', which surround the campus.
  • To assist the University and Charnwood Borough Council in the enforcement of section 106 'no car agreements' which apply to some student residences, both on and off campus.
  • To assist in the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension and prosecution of offenders.

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