Space management

Lecture theatre

The Space and Information team are responsible for the data, CAD drawings and Information Systems to aid Space planning, Asset Management and Compliance for the University Estate.

Space team

The Space team is responsible for the maintenance of our space database and record drawings, ensuring that all reports for the University Estate, including building area, and room allocation are accurate and up to date.

 Please contact Debbie Bannan for any space queries.

CAD team

The CAD team is responsible for maintaining the University’s 2D building plans, ensuring accuracy for the space modelling as well as producing and maintaining the compliance drawings, and ensuring all ‘as built’ drawings are obtained for all construction projects.

Please contact for all drawing requests.

Information team

The Information team is responsible for the collection of all compliance and asset records across the University Estate; this can range from Fire Alarms to Lightning Protection. The team focuses on ensuring that the records are available upon request and that records of new assets are retrieved from all project work.

Please contact for any asset queries or if you require asset labels.

Moreover, the information team are also responsible for the administrative stability of the Archibus system. If you require Archibus access, please fill out this form.

If you require assistance with an Archibus error or require Archibus training, please contact Mel White