Certificates and transcripts

When you graduate, you are presented with a certificate and, if applicable, a transcript, either on stage during the ceremony or afterwards by one of the alternative processes listed below. Your certificate and transcript are your formal record of your award and should contain your full name.

Collecting your certificate in person

At the ceremony:

If you are attending your graduation ceremony, your certificate and transcript will be presented to you as you leave the stage.

The Diploma Supplement can be printed out to keep with your degree certificate and academic transcript. It describes your award in more detail and may be useful if asked for further information about your qualification.

After the ceremony

You may collect your certificate from the Student Enquiries Counter, Rutland Building on the Loughborough campus on or after the date of the graduation ceremony. You will need to bring some form of identification with you.

Certificates for students who graduated from Loughborough University London in or before December 2019 are held at the London campus and may be collected from the Professional Services Team.

Collecting a certificate on behalf of someone else

Student Records & Operations will release certificates to third parties on the instruction of graduates. If you would like someone else to collect your certificate, you should confirm that you will graduate in absentia and provide their details via the graduation booking system.  The person nominated must show some form of identification (e.g. their passport or driving licence) when they collect your certificate.

Certificates may be collected from the Student Enquiries Counter in the Rutland Building on or after the date of the ceremony at which the award was conferred.  If you cannot confirm the details of the individual nominated to collect your documents via the graduation booking form, please send their details to graduation@lboro.ac.uk.

Certificates for students who graduated from Loughborough University London in or before December 2019 are held at the London campus.

Recorded Delivery

The University can post your certificate and transcript via recorded delivery if you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony. If you would like your certificate and transcript to be sent to you after the ceremony you must arrange this by visiting our online store. Certificates and transcripts will be sent out by Student Records & Operations four to six weeks after the ceremonies have finished.  A postage fee will apply.

Graduates whose documents are being posted to the People’s Republic of China are encouraged to provide their full name and address in Chinese characters, plus a telephone number via email to graduation@lboro.ac.uk to assist with the delivery.   

Certificates for Loughborough University London students who graduated in December 2019 or earlier will be held at the London campus.  To make a payment for postage, you need to select the London In Absentia postage option from the online store.  London students graduating from 2020 onwards should use the Loughborough postage option in the online store

If you would prefer to arrange for courier collection of your certificate from the Student Enquiries Counter, Rutland Building, Loughborough campus, at your own expense, this is possible. Please ensure that the details for the collection, including your name and student number, are forwarded to graduation@lboro.ac.uk.  Collections may be made between 9.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday, excluding University closure days.  

Duplicate Certificates and Transcripts

Upon Graduation students are issued with a certificate and an academic transcript free of charge.

Please note that the University only issues ONE original certificate and academic transcript per student.

Certified copies of certificates and transcripts are available for a charge through the University's online store. (Please note that if you graduated prior to 1996 you will need to contact the academic department at which you studied for a copy of the transcript.)  If you have special requirements, for example you would like a transcript to be sent to World Education Services in Canada or the USA, please note this in the additional information section of your order and email instructions/the accompanying paperwork to graduation@lboro.ac.uk.

Your Name (how it appears on your certificate)

Your certificate and transcript are a formal record of your award and, as such should contain your full (legal) name, as shown on your passport or other legal documentation.

Your name will appear on your certificate and transcript in the form 'first name(s) surname/family name'.  Titles and other awards are not included. If your full name follows a different convention, or you need to make any other changes to your name, please complete the Name Change form and take it with supporting evidence (e.g. passport or marriage certificate - more information on the Names, titles and pronouns page in the Student Handbook) to the Student Enquiries Counter in the Rutland Building.  If you are no longer resident in Loughborough please email a copy of the form and supporting evidence to graduation@lboro.ac.uk.

Changes cannot be made after you have graduated, unless the name change is associated with gender reassignment, or other exceptional circumstances (e.g. you have changed your name because you require protection from a government agency as a vulnerable person). Certificates will not be re-issued following marriage or divorce. For further information, please refer to the University's policy on student names.   

Post-Nominal Letters

Use of the letters indicating your qualification, such as BSc, PhD or DLitt, is covered by formal guidance on Post-Nominal Letters.


If you have any queries regarding your certificate or academic transcript you should contact the Graduation Office.

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