Food and drink

Why not enhance your day with a spot of lunch around campus?

Class of 2023 Streetfood Festival

Join us on the Shirley Pearce Square!
All welcome - just turn up!

On offer is a selection of freshly prepared Streetfood, Mexican and Salad bowls, followed by a little something sweet served with prosecco and a selection of bottled beers.

Refried beans, peppers and spring onions, rice and other mouthwatering components of Tex Mex cuisine.


Authentic Mexican cuisine freshly prepared to provide that unique Mexican flavour

All colours of vegetables, whether leaves, chopped or shredded ready to go into a Nourish Bowl.


Warm Jasmine rice topped with your choice of meat/vegetarian options and accompanying fresh salad toppings.

Grilled barbeque steaks lined up ready on a griddle with flames licking the undersides - you can almost hear them sizzle...


A healthy grill and BBQ concept offering tender and flavoursome meat options.

A very full large waffle cone held in the hand while icecream drips down the side.

PLUS, for a little extra

Dessert menu to be confirmed.