Your graduation data and how we use it

The process of setting up a graduation ceremony involves handling graduand-related personal data. This section describes how we manage your data.

What is my information used for?

Loughborough University formally confers awards on students at public graduation ceremonies. To enable this to happen, the University will process your data in the following ways:

Before the ceremony:

We will write and invite you to your graduation ceremony. We will then keep a record of whether you plan to attend the ceremony and how many guests tickets you would like. If necessary, we will also keep a record of any additional requirements you might have (i.e. mobility/access).

On the day of the ceremony:

If you have given consent for your details to appear in graduation materials (through the graduation booking form or via online re-registration for your programme), then the following information will appear in the Degree Day Brochure: your name, your School, the degree awarded (e.g. Bachelor of Science), your programme title, and, if applicable, your degree classification.

Likewise, your name will appear on some of the promotional items (e.g. commemorative hoodies) that are available for sale on the day.  

The ceremony is filmed and will be streamed live as a webcast on the internet. 

The names of all the students in attendance at the graduation ceremony will be read by the Dean presiding over the ceremony at the point at which you cross the stage.

After the ceremony:

The webcast will continue to be available for viewing online after the ceremony has taken place.

Who will my information be shared with?

Prior to your ceremony taking place, if you have provided consent for your details to appear on graduation materials, we will pass your name and the School in which you studied to Campus Clothing (who produce commemorative t-shirts and hoodies).  We will not share any details about your award with Campus Clothing. 

The University will not usually disclose personal information about you to anyone other than those mentioned above. We will only discuss the details of your graduation with your parents, other relatives or friends if we have explicit permission from you to do so. This will be sought on a case by case basis, as and when it is appropriate to do so.