Handsets overview & troubleshooting

Telephone changes 2023

Migration of Telephony Services to Microsoft Teams Voice

Throughout 2023 and 2024 IT Services will be migrating all University staff from the Cisco CallManager telephone system to Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams platform is already in widespread use across the organisation and this change will integrate telephone functionality with the Teams software - supporting both internal and external calls.


We offer a selection of handsets and services depending on the requirements of the user and their status as a member of staff or tenant.

  • Standard Handset - 2 or 4 lines, basic display, speakerphone, conference calling and may be wall-mounted
  • Advanced Handset (for administrative / receptionists) - up to 12 lines, basic display, speakerphone, conference calling, may be wall-mounted
  • Conference Phone - single line, basic display, high-quality conference room speakerphone with capacity for external microphones and daisy chaining two units
  • Video-enabled Handset - up to 5 lines, colour display, speakerphone, 720p video calling and conferencing.

All University staff will be able to:

  • make national rate calls
  • forward their calls to another number on campus
  • access a voicemail account with messages in their Outlook inbox (email alerts can be sent to tenant/partner organisations but we cannot send the voicemail message via email).
  • If you require the ability to call International or Premium Rate numbers or forward calls off campus, please contact us for more details.

Please note:

  • We are unable to offer ADSL, ISDN or analogue telephone lines. These can be provided in most cases by external suppliers such as BT or Virgin Media and we’re happy to provide assistance if you go down this route
  • We will not connect user¬supplied equipment to the telephone network.
  • All equipment must be approved and ordered through IT Services. Please email us at IT.Services@lboro.ac.uk

Please see the troubleshooting section below if you are having any issue with your Handset.

If you are still having problems, contact IT Services using the link below with your name, extension number, location and a brief description of the problem, anything you have tried to cure the problem, and whether you are reporting your own phone or on behalf of another person


Phone not ringing?

  • Is the ringer volume set to zero? – press the volume up button
  • Are calls forwarded? – check the screen and press “FwdOFF” if necessary

Can't hear the caller or crackling?

  • With the handset off the hook can you hear a dialling tone? – Press the volume up button
  • Check that the cable in the base of the handset is seated correctly
  • Try using the speaker-phone function to see if it is the handset or the phone itself that is faulty

Phone not powered?

  • Is it correctly plugged in to a working network socket? Check the network cables on the back of the phone
  • Has the phone been re-located recently? Re-connect to a known working network socket to check the phone

Phone powered but not working correctly?

Does the screen say:

  • ‘Phone not Registered’
  • ‘Phone registering’
  • ‘IP Address released’

If a phone has been disconnected from the network then it may take up to 5 minutes for it to reconnect correctly, and will show various error messages on the screen during its initialisation.
If the screen still shows the same error message after 5 minutes then please log a support case with the IT Services Helpdesk.