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Working Remotely - VPN

Using the VPN on the managed Windows Service


Start the Client

Click on the Microsoft logo Start icon bottom left of your screen then All Programs then Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.

2 Screen image: AnyConnect.


Click Connect

3 Screen image: Cisco AnyConnect.

Enter username and password

Enter your username and password. It will take between 10 and 20 seconds to establish a connection to the Loughborough Network depending on the speed of your Internet link. Also during this time the client will ensure that it has the latest configuration.

After clicking on OK staff and postgraduate researchers should respond to the multi-factor authentication notification on their mobile device to complete the login process.

Staff and postgraduate researchers who are using a hardware token or login code generated by the Duo Mobile application should follow their password with a comma and then the code they have generated (e.g. if your password is Pass1word and the code you have generate is 123456 you would enter Pass1word,123456 in the password field in the AnyConnect client).

For further information on multi-factor authentication please see the MFA webpage.

4 Screen image: VPN: Connected.

VPN is Connected

Once the connection has been made, the dialogue box will minimise to the System Tray. This is the area at the bottom right of your desktop where the clock is located. Hovering over this icon with your mouse pointer will display confirmation that the VPN (Virtual Private Network) link has been connected. All of your Internet traffic goes through the VPN to Loughborough. This ensures that you can access Internet based resources such as journals and databases which could otherwise be restricted to on-campus use only. As such, please disconnect from the VPN when you do not need it and remember that when connected to the VPN you are bound by the University's IT Acceptable Use Policies.

5 Screen image: Pop-up menu.

Disconnecting from the VPN

To disconnect, right click the VPN icon in the System Tray and select Quit from the pop-up menu.

This will disconnect from the IT Services VPN cleanly and exit the application. Connecting again is as simple as starting the application as before.

[Note that if you click the icon, the client window will re-open with a "Disconnect" button. If you click this it does disconnect, but the application still exists in the System Tray, and you must still right-click and select "Quit" from the pop-up menu to close the application fully!]

How to use the VPN on a University managed Windows laptop

When connected to the VPN you are bound by the University's IT Acceptable Use Policy. Please remember to disconnect when you are finished.